Saturday, September 22, 2012

Batman: Year One - Chapter 4

Batman 407: Friend in Need
by Frank Miller (writer) and David Mazzucchelli (artist)

Batman may be the title character but inside the pages of this story he shares the spotlight with Jim Gordon. Gordon is the heart and soul of this story. Batman is integral to the story as a whole but the fourth chapter is all Gordon.

This story leaves this reader hungry for more. Batman's story arc feels incomplete. His origins are explored and explained but his interactions with Catwoman and the mob are left dangling.

Overall this story is a tour de force and a must read for any and all fans of the bat. Mazzucchelli's visual storytelling and art are on a level that few artists have matched. Miller has spun a damn good story but without a master like Mazzucchelli handling the art chores it wouldn't be half the story it turned out to be.

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