Saturday, September 15, 2012

Batman: Year One - Chapter 3

Batman 406: Black Dawn
by Frank Miller (writer) and David Mazzucchelli (artist)

One chapter, three characters: Batman, Jim Gordon, Selina Kyle.

This a great chapter with a good mix of plot and character developments. The variety and use of color is wonderful. The centerpiece is the struggle between Merkel's SWAT team and Batman. Very prominently in the background are the internal monologues of Wayne and Gordon as they separately come to the realization that they need one another.

Selina Kyle stands on the sidelines watching the fight between the cops and the Bat. Afterwards she puts on a cat suit, for the first time. Presumably, she was inspired by Batman who saved one of her cats. There is something heartwarming about seeing Batman save the cat.

The most unexpected and poignant part of this story is the relationship between Gordon and Essen. It is doomed and feels as though it doesn't belong. It is unclear how it will end exactly but it will in all likelihood be painful for both of them.

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