Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Nightly News

The Nightly News is getting better. I'm reading a chapter a week, usually on Saturdays and I read chapter 4 today. Prior to this it felt a bit predictable. Sure it looks different but in this case that wasn't enough for me. I'm glad I've stuck with it. I've got two more chapters to go. I'm interested to see where it ends up. Will it go back to being predictable or continue on the dynamic course it seems to be on?

Saturday, May 2, 2009

FCBD 2009

I went to Barbarian for Free Comic Book Day. I didn't get any of the free comic books but they were having a sale: 20% off all trades. I picked up Powers v11 and Daredevil: Cruel & Unusual. and saved roughly $7.50 (including tax).

I have yet to read v10 of Powers but I've already got 11 and 12, now. I ordered v10 and asked about 20th Century Boys v2, even though I have yet to read v1. I think they understood that I want them to order it for me.