Saturday, November 22, 2008

Kare Kano, Blue Mondays, Batman

Has it really been six weeks? Since I last posted? Geeze.

Kare Kano v13 - I dropped this series after the whole Tsubasa/boy band arc. It was just a little too much of the wrong thing for me. I wasn't sure if/when I would ever read it again but last weekend at the comic shop I heard it calling my name so I bought it. I'm I've read the first two (of five acts) and so far I'm enjoying it again.

I've gotten this deep into the series because I really enjoy/love the main story: Yukino and Arima's relationship. I really like both characters. I'm glad to see that they are back in the spotlight, where they belong. I also enjoy reading about Tsubaki and Tonami.

While at Barbarian I also bought Fruits Basket v3, Bleach v19, and Monster v17 but I have yet to start reading any of them.

All-Star Batman and Robin v1 - I'm a little more than half-way through this collection: I've read 5 of 9 chapters. So far I like. Its not for everyone and not my favorite book of the year but its different and I like it for that. It is also slowly developing. At this point I'm not sure if/when I'll buy v2 but then again I have no clue when said volume will be released given the erratic release schedule of the individual issues.

So far the story seems to be be about the development of young Dick Grayson into robin; five chapters in and he has yet to put on the uniform or accompany Batman on a mission.

It probably isn't for everyone but so far this series is entertaining me enough to keep reading and not believe everthing I read about how Frank Miller has lost it.

Blue Mondays v1: The Kids Are Alright - One of the first trades I got through paperbackswap. Its very shoujo and also very manga even though it really isn't either since it isn't Japanese but American. Still I like how Chynna Clugston-Majors, the writer/artist/creator, varies the art style to reflect the mood of the different panels. Sometimes the faces are very detailed and other times they are drawn in a very rudimentary fashion. I like the mix of styles. It definelty works in this book. I also like some of the cute little drawings that occasionally adorn the the edges of the pages.