Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Comic Book Notes (LJ) Aug 2005


I got my latest shipment of comic books. I think I have more or less converted to ranks of the trade paperback collectors. I only got four comic books this month, and two trades. My most recent orders run about the same ratio.

I spent some time looking through the latest Previews catalog. So many things to buy, so little time to read.

+ I think I will finally order a few backlisted items that I've been meaning to get: Conan Vol 1: The Frost Giant's Daughter and Other Stories from Dark Horse (by Kurt Busiek, Cary Nord and Dave Stewart) and JSA: The Golden Age.

+ I'm kind of torn over whether to continue ordering Rocketo as a comic book or try waiting for the trade. The only other two comic books I have on my list to order at the moment are Solo # 7 and Breach # 10.

+ New trades and hardcovers that interest me, but that I think I will pass on for now include Batman: Under the Hood, Catwoman: When in Rome, and Young Avengers Vol 1: Sidekicks.

+ The Brave and the Bold Art of Jim Aparo from TwoMorrows looks too good to resist.

Yes there is more that caught my eye, but I've gotta be selective; kind of like I do with the anime. I've managed to resist ordering anymore, so far. I've got a plan that involves buying more, but not for at least a couple more weeks. Hopefully I can manage until then. :P


Powers Vol. 1: Who Killed Retro Girl? - Still reading and still loving it. Brian Bendis sure can write dialogue. Love this story so far. I like the angle (cops investigating the death of a superhero), the characters and the relationships (especially the one between the two detectives Christian and Deena, his new partner; just love watching them clash), the artwork by Michael Avon Oeming (very expressive), and the humor (I almost died laughing at the end of chapter 3 when the little girl asked him if he had figured out what a clitoris was, in front of Deena). Lots to recommend here. Its light reading, but its much better than most of the stuff put out by DC and Marvel.


She-Hulk: Single Green Female (Vol. 1) - Still reading and still loving it. I'm three chapters in. Love the humor. I'm 99% sure I'll buy the second collection, just not sure if I will continue to read it beyond that.

Took a quick peek at Newsarama this afternoon:

= Andy Diggle's new mini-series Silent Dragon looks interesting. I like his work on Losers and I ordered Adam Strange: Planet Heist.

= Ed Brubaker will be taking over Daredevil. That might be enough to give it a try, although given how much I like Brian Bendis work on Powers maybe I should give his DD a try too. I wonder if this means that Brubaker will be stop writing Captain America soon?


Stray Bullets: The Innocence of Nihilism Vol. 1 - Just started reading today. I loved the first chapter. It was so intense. Loved the artwork, loved the story. Its a little rough around the edges. It reminded me of the sort of story found in old EC horror comics. No zombies or supernatural critters, just one young man whose seen a little too much blood and flips out and starts killing people at the slightest provocation. Its the way in which he flips that sold the story for me. He has moments when he bursts out screaming but for the most part it is a quiet transformation, which made it that much creepier and more worth reading to me.

Powers: Who Killed Rerto Girl Vol. 1 - Loved it cover to cover. The first chapter was as good as the last. I wasn't sure they would be able to wrap it all up in the final chapter and satisfy me, but somehow they managed. I haven't read through the bonus material yet, but the story itself (writing and artwork) really impressed me. I'm definitely gonna have to pick up the next volume.


Hawkman Vol. 3: Wings of Fury - Two chapters in. I wasn't so sure after reading the first chapter, but I'm feeling better about it after second one. Hawkwoman's appearance seemed too good to be true. Maybe it is. So far I like it, but there has been a lot of action so far without as much character development. Part of the strength of the series so far (i.e prior to Vol. 3) has been Carter and Kendra's relationship working and otherwise. It had been rocky. She hasn't exactly been able to come to terms with the fact that they were lovers in a former life and has no interest in him. He can't seem to get over the fact that she doesn't want to be closer than his partner fighting crime. Anyway, there doesn't seem to be much of that so far. Hawkwoman (Shayera from Thanagar) has stolen the spotlight. The other two Hawks are in the picture, but it is taking me a little time to adjust to the change. I don't think she is a permanent addition to the book.

Stray Bullets Vol. 1: Innocence of Nihilism - Chapter two is even darker than chapter one. At first I thought the second chapter was a different story, but now I think writer/artist David Lapham started at the end (in chapter one) and then goes back (in chapter two) to tell the story from the beginning. Anyway, this is one disturbing book. I love it even though it scares the crap out of me. The art and the writing are gripping. I can feel my eyes bulging out as I read it. So glad I finally ordered it.

Comic Geek Speak - Right now, I'm listening to episode 43. Just a bunch of guys sitting around talking comic books, but its kind of fun. Check it out.


I did go to the comicbook store formerly known as Closet of Comics for the first time in at least two-and-a-half months. I picked up Queen & Country Vol. 2: Operation Morningstar, Kare Kano Vol. 5, and Banana Sunday # 1. I probably spent about an hour prowsing before I finally settled on what to buy. So many things to read, so little time to read them in. Currently I am reading two mangas (Buddha Vol. 1, Battle Royale Vol. 2) and two trades (Stray Bullets Vol. 1, Hawkman Vol. 3).

I also listened to a couple more episodes of Comic Geek Speak. Much fun. I enjoy listening to the guys hash over the logic and value of various comic book series, stories, artists, creators, etc.


I keep trying to get caught up with Comic Geek Speak podcasts. I'm falling behind. I'm starting to think that I will be perenially behind. *le sigh*

I should just give up on getting caught up and enjoy the show. The nice thing is that I can do other things while listening.