Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Comic Book Notes (LJ) Nov 2005


At the comic book store I picked up the first volumes of Genshiken and Hikaru no Go. Unless I buy a bootleg copy on eBay its gonna be a while before I get to see anymore on the Hikaru no Go anime, so I'm gonna try the manga instead. It looks very well drawn and reproduced. Genshiken is a series about an otaku club. I've heard good things about it. I passed on buying volume 6 of Kare Kano because I'm stil reading number 5.


Hikaru no Go - I read the second chapter this morning before heading to work. So far the story is very close to the anime, with a few minor divergences. The biggest difference that I can see (so far) is that through the first 13 episodes of the anime there is little or no mention of Hikaru's family, whereas in the manga both his mother and grandfather have made appearances. *shrug*


I think I am just going to order one trade this month, She-Hulk Vol. 2. Next month I am planning to order Powers Vol. 2. On another comics related note I listened to episode 72 of Comic Geek Speak. I've given up on trying to listen to every ep of this show. This one caught my eye because it had a discussion of Marvel vs. DC.


Right now, I'm listening to an old ep (#7) of CGS in which the geeks discuss Sin City.


I need to read some more comic books. I picked up Maxx Vol. 4 this morning. I only had time to read a few pages of the second chapter. I have a hard time following the story. It flows a little too freely. The artwork is the real draw. It more than compensates for the wild twists and turns that the plot takes.

I listened to another episode (# 16) of CGS tonight.


Ya know what sucks? Doing most of your comic book reading through trades. It makes it impossible to keep up with the current stories. At best I am six months behind the pace; at worst a year or more in arrears. *sigh*

I want to read the exciting stuff going on in the DCU, but I'd rather wait for the trade. I haven't even read Identity Crisis yet. I know how it turned out, but I still want to read it. Some people loved it. Others hated it. I still want to read it. I am also intrigued by some of the other special series like The OMAC Project and Villains United. And then of course someday, hopefully before the next US presidential election, I think I would like to read Infinite Crisis.

There's plenty of other stuff to get caught up on. Stuff like Y: The Last Man and Conan. In the manga department there's Kare Kano and Hikaru no Go.

I could go on, but I am tired and should probably take a nappy. No wonder I can't keep up with all these series. :)