Thursday, June 30, 2005

Comic Book Notes (LJ) Jun 2005


I got the new previews guide today. Here's a rundown of what appeals to me from the front half of the catalog.

New Series and mini-series:

The Winter Men #1 (of 8) - Former soviet super-heroes working for the Russian Mafia? Sounds neat to me. I also like the look of the promotional artwork.

Top 10: Beyond the Farthest Precinct # 1 (of 5) - I haven't read the previous Top 10 mini-series. Jerry Ordway's name and the eclectic mix of characters in the preview art are what caught my eye.

Ferro City # 1 - Looks like a mix of science fiction and hard boiled detective fiction. That enough to catch my interest and the artwork really catches my eye. Not exactly smooth around the edges but it looks like a good match for the sort of story being told.

Revelations # 1 (of 6) - I like the cartoonish look of the artwork. Its about a detective at the Vatican investigating the death of a pope. I was going to pass on it, but then I noticed that my retailer has it on sale for 75% off the cover price. I think I'll give it a try.


Identity Crisis - Actually this is the hard cover. I've been waiting a while for this. I've read reviews and spoilers. I know how things turn out in the end. Still, I'm curious. I'll probably end up waiting for the trade paperback collection.

Adam Strange: Planet Heist - This one interests me more than Identity Crisis. I've enjoyed Andy Diggle's writing on a completely different series, Losers. I loved the trade paperback collection of the Adam Strange mini-series from a decade ago, Adam Strange: Man of Two Worlds. I don't know if this one will measure up to its predecessor, but I've heard good things and am willing to give it a try.

Justice League Elite Vol. 1 - Think I will pass on this one, but only because I've got the individual issues. Worth buying? Yes, if you haven't read the story already, although Joe Kelly's method of exposition takes some getting used to. I just love the artwork by Doug Mahnke and Tom Nguyen. Basically its the second coming of the Suicide Squad (or if you watch Justice League Unlimited that would be the Task Force X) except that they don't work for the United States Government.

Maxx Book 5 - I have yet to read Book 4, but I'll be getting this collection one of these days. It's the final collection in the series. Sam Kieth's art work is truly inspired. I love how his characters change appearance with the mood of the story. It isn't always easy to follow the plot but I find something strangely compelling about this series.

The Expatriate Vol. 1 - Looks interesting, in a cold war espionage sort of way. I liked Hawaiian Dick, which was also written by B. Clay Moore so I'm tempted to buy this one.

Avengers: Vision and Scarlet Witch TP - Collects a (IMHO) classic series from the early 1980's. Its an odd sort of mini-series for Marvel to reprint. Not that I didn't like it, I loved it, but not exactly the sort of thing that I thought fans were clamoring for or is going to make the company a ton of cash.


Hard Time Vol. 1: 50 to Life - Excellent story about a teenager who gets sentenced to life in prison for taking part in Columbine-type prank. He doesn't actually kill or injure anyone, but his friend (who is killed in the first issue) does and he suffers the penalty. Starting wiht the second issue the story is about his life in jail, how he fits in, and the mysterious power that he has but is unaware of. In every chapter it manifests itself. It always seems to come out when he is in danger.

Unfortunately this volume collects just the first six issues of the series. It got cancelled after # 12. They have yet to release or announce plans to release a second collection. I have heard rumors that the series might be brought back later this year, but so far nothing concrete.

Exiles - I am so geeked about the fact that Paul Pelletier is going to be joining Tony Bedard on this series. I loved their work together on Negation. Can't wait to see them working together again, although I will probably wait for the trade.


I put in my order for comic books tonight. Here's what I decided to order:

Comic Books
Breach # 8
Top 10: Beyond the Farthest Precinct #1 (of 5)
Wintermen # 1 (of 8)
Deal with the Devil # 5 (of 5)
Revelations #1 (of 6)
Black Heart Irregulars # 1
Rocketo # 1

Trade Paperbacks
Adam Strange: Planet Heist
Maxx Book 4


Trade paperbacks and manga:

Currently Reading
Enemy Ace Vol. 1 (DC Archive Edition)
Losers Vol. 2: Double Down
Buddha Vol. 1: Kapilavastu

On my shelf waiting to be read
Battle Royale Vol. 1, 2, 3
Hanazakari no Kimitachi he Vol. 2
Marmalade Boy Vol. 6
Stray Bullets Vol. 1
Hawkman Vol. 3: Wings of Fury
Ministry of Space
Human Target

Hysteria Vol. 2
She-Hulk Vol. 1: Single Green Female
Madrox: Multiple Choice
Y: The Last Man Vol. 3: One Small Step
Adam Strange: Planet Heist
Maxx Book 4