Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Spirit v1: #2

The Maneater
by Darwyn Cooke, J. Bone (inks), and Dave Stewart (colors)

There's nothing new here. This story has been told before. It is a tale of revenge. P'Gell seeks justice. The Spirit seeks to uphold the law. Is he misguided for doing what he does? Is she evil for doing what she does? Is life a zero sum game?

Moral quandaries aside, what stands out is the art. Cooke and Bone tell the story with a very light touch. The coloring by Dave Stewart is divine. The wordless panels aren't plentiful but well placed and say so much.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Spirit v1: #1

Ice Ginger Coffee
by Darwyn Cooke, J. Bone (inks), and Dave Stewart (colors)

The Spirit rescues television anchor woman Ginger Coffee after she is kidnapped by gangsters.

The story is beautifully drawn and colored but what really stands out is the humor. Much of the funny stuff is driven by a misunderstanding or a lack of information. She knows something that he does not. Additionally, she knows he doesn't know but prefers to keep him in the dark.

Taking a sideways glance at the story what stands out is the contrast between the Spirit and Ginger Coffee. She isn't wearing a physical mask but seems to be wearing one whenever she speaks. Her words ring as hollow and somewhat robotic. He is wearing a mask but all it hides is his face, his words come across as very honest and uncensored.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Scalped v3: #18

Falls Down
by Jason Aaron (writer) and Davide Furnò (artist)

Officer Franklin Falls Down, the one honest cop on the Prairie Rose Police, re-enters the picture. Red Crow wants him to find the person responsible for the death of Gina Bad Horse. Before he can take on that task he's got some problems, past and present, to deal with.

As with many of these 1-shot spotlights this one contains a tragic element. Even before he was shot up during a drug bust he had experienced personal tragedy. Add to that how hard it is to be the one honest officer in a crooked department and it starts to become clear that the path Falls Down has chosen is not an easy one.

Furnò's art compliments and emphasizes the tone of the writing. The wispy lines and textured faces he draws make the characters come to life.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Scalped v3: #17

Dead Mothers - Chapter 5
by Jason Aaron (writer) and R.M. Guéra (artist)

Dash goes back to White Haven to look for Shelton. Red Crow continues to deal with people who question his role in the murder of Gina Bad Horse. The arc ends. It is time for the story to move on.