Tuesday, September 11, 2012

2012 Baltimore Comic Con - Final Thoughts

I am very pleased with my purchases. I spent considerably less than I have at previous cons. I spent roughly $100 on art and $50 on comics. I also came home with considerably less stuff (2 prints, 3 pieces of original art, 3 collected editions) than I have in the past.

Driving in both days, instead of getting a hotel room in Baltimore, saved me at least $240 and didn't really inconvenience me at all. It is a relatively short drive, when there isn't heavy traffic.

I'm undecided on the expanded show room floor. Last year artists alley was incredibly crowded because the aisles were much narrower. In that respect, at least, it was better. Oddly enough it seemed a little too open this year. I'm not sure what to suggest but I'm hoping that they at least tweak the layout of artists alley next year. I'm also curious to hear and read what the artists thought of the new layout.

What I would really like them to do is add big banners hanging from the ceiling like they have at Heroes Con. Those banners at Heroes Con make it much easier to figure out where you are and where artists' tables are located.

So far I've listened to two of the four panels that I recorded. Both turned out ok, not great, but okay. There is a fair amount of ambient noise on them, especially the one that took place in a very large room. I am surprised by how well the microphone on my iPhone picked up voices in all sorts of directions from where I was seated. I will have to try this again in the future.

That's it for Baltimore Comic Con for this year.

Up next: Small Press Expo

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