Monday, October 31, 2005

Comic Book Notes (LJ) Oct 2005


I'm really enjoying Madrox: Multiple Choice. I think it would make for a pretty cool movie. I think it would take a talented actor and a good director to pull it off, but I think it could be done. It doesn't hurt that the story is written by Peter A. David. That's what drew me to this mini-series, initially. I've also heard lots of good things about it. PAD has a good handle on the material, keeping it both suspenseful and humorous. I just love the premise. He's taken a guy who can multiply himself (which seems like a pretty simple idea) and added wrinkles to it that most comic book writers would never come up with. I love it how some of the duplicates actually turn on him. It all very noir, and somewhat existential.


Y: The Last Man - One Small Step (Vol. 3) - Just one more chapter to go. I really dig this series. This could be a one note comic book but the creators are doing an excellent job IMO of exploring the different angles of what would happen if something (a plague?) wiped out all the men on earth, except one. The whole breakdown in mass communications and transportation systems alone provides plenty of fodder for stories. Its good to see the creators taking advantage of that.

In the last couple chapters in this volume the story turns away from Yorick (the last man) and focuses on a troupe of actors who are traveling the country (US of course). I found the comparisons made to what the theater was like before women were allowed to participate interesting (given of course that there are no men to participate). It was also interesting because for the most part the comic book so far has been about the struggle to survive and for Agent 355 and Dr. Mann to get Yorick to a lab in California. Despite the breakdown in society here are some women actually interested in producing art.


I picked up my comics today. Just three comic books (Rocketo # 2, Breach # 9, and Action Philosophers! Self-Help for stupid ugly losers # 1), two trades (Losers Vol. 3 and Walking Dead Vol. 1), and a magazine (Proculture Addicts # 85) and the latest Previews catalog (of course). I've started reading Exiles Vol. 9. There are definitely some similarities between this book and Negation (which I will NEVER stop talking about) and while I miss how deadly serious (in a life or death sort of way) Negation could be, one thing it did not have that Exiles does is humor. I love how Tony Bedard twists and plays with the Marvel Universe. It must be a fun book to write.


I'm tempted to start reading black and white graphic novels on the bus and metro. I've been reading Understanding Comics on the commute to and from work. I haven't really paid too much attention to what people think of it. I don't think I'm ready to read anything too recognizable on the metro, so color is out for now, at least on the public transportation.