Small Press Expo (SPX) 2012: Panels

Saturday, September 15

Institution Building and Comics with (l-r) Cheryl Kaminsky, Caitlin McGurk, Tom Hart, Sara Duke, and Tom Spurgeon (moderator)

Description: While comics have gained a great deal of cultural legitimacy over the past twenty years, comics, as a field, still lacks the institutional infrastructure enjoyed by other, more historically established art forms.

Audio: Part 1 (3:59) - Part 2 (48:00)

Drawing Out Childhood - Summoning Childhood Experience with (l-r) MariNoami, Derf Backderf, John Porcellino, Julia Wertz, and Mike Dawson (moderator)

Description: Comics, which often juxtapose discrete fragments of time, are well-suited to the representation and exploration of memory. This panel will specifically address the process of summoning and depicting deep memories of childhood and adolescence within the comics form.

Audio (53:12)

Comics as Children's Literature with (l-r) Renée French, Mark Newgarden, Brian Ralph, Françoise Mouly, and Philip Nel (moderator)

Description: Discussion of comics’ fraught historical legacy as children’s literature and children’s comics’ status as an expanding category of contemporary publishing.

Audio (52:03)


Sunday, September 16

Disney and the Making of Postwar Manga - The Case of New Treasure Island with Ryan Holmberg and Joe McCulloch (moderator)

Description: In late 1946, Tezuka Osamu and Sakai Shichima collaborated to create New Treasure Island, arguably the most famous work in manga history. While often described as influenced generally by American popular culture, it turns out that the book was in fact modeled directly on Disney comics and short Mickey Mouse films from the 1930s. Manga scholar Ryan Holmberg exposes the true story behind this legendary manga.

This panel was accompanied by slides. Holmberg also wrote an article for The Comics Journal on the same subject: Manga Finds Pirate Gold: The Case of New Treasure Island

Audio (49:43)

Images of America - Real and Imagined with (l-r) Nick Abadzis, Dean Haspiel, Stan Mack, Ben Towle, and Isaac Cates (moderator)

Audio (58:38)

All panels were recorded on an iPhone 4.

All descriptions are from the 2012 SPX Program guide which can currently be found here.

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