Past Reads

Note: The month in which a book is listed is the month in which I finished reading it but not necessarily the month in which I started reading it.

Apr 2012 DC Comics Presents Annual #2
Fantastic Four #343-344
Hercules, Prince of Power #1-4 (1982)
Machine Man #1-4 (1984)
Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer
Queen and Country: Declassified v1
Red Skull: Incarnate
Scalped v2
Mar 2012 20th Century Boys v17
Crogan's March
Doom Patrol Archives v2
Ōoku v6
Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia
Feb 2012 20th Century Boys v16
Batman #400
Captain America Annual #6
Kare Kano v16
The Mice Templar v2.1: Destiny Part 1
The 'Nam v3
Jan 2012 20th Century Boys v15
The 'Nam v2
Rasl v2
Stuff of Legend v2
Dec 2011 20th Century Boys v14
G.I. Joe: Cobra (2009) #1-4
Gotham Central HC v2
House of Mystery v5
Ikigami v7
Marvel Masterworks: Amazing Spider-Man v2
Nov 2011 The DeaDBeat
Fear Agent v3
Kare Kano v15
The 'Nam v1
Scalped v1
Stuff of Legend v1
Oct 2011 20th Century Boys v13
Gotham Central HC v1
Kare Kano v14
Life Is Good #6
Rasl v1
The Spirit: Femmes Fatales
Two Fisted Tales Archives v1
Yotsuba&! v5
Sep 2011 Bone v2
Dusk v1
Eight Herbs Mtn: The Rice Paddy Kid
Wasteland v1
Aug 2011 20th Century Boys v12
Cavemen in Space
Chew v1
Fear Agent v2
Johnny Hiro #1
Powers v 13
Zot: The Complete Black and White Collection
Jul 2011 Pang v1
Black Jack v6
Jun 2011 20th Century Boys v11
The Broadcast
House of Mystery v4
The Adventures of Simone & Ajax
Curse of the Pharaohs
May 2011 Back in the Day
DMZ v7
Ōoku v5
Strangers in Paradise v5
X-Men: Days of Future Past
Apr 2011 20th Century Boys v10
Why I Hate Saturn
Superman: Kryptonite
Mar 2011 Bleach v26
BPRD: A Plague of Frogs
Fear Agent v1
Human Target #1
Ikigami v6
Justice Society v2
Feb 2011 20th Century Boys v9
Agents of Atlas (2006)
Battlefields: Dear Billy
House of Mystery v3
Spectre (1992) #1-8
Strangers in Paradise v4
Jan 2011 Justice Society v1
Ōoku v4
Paul Jenkins' Sidekick # 1-5
Dec 2010 20th Century Boys v8
Badlands #1-6
DMZ v6
Nov 2010 Battlefields: The Night Witches
Human Target #11-16
Ikigami v5
Male Call
X-Men Omnibus
X-Men: The Dark Phoenix Saga
Oct 2010 Bodyworld
Essex County v1
House of Mystery v2
Ōoku v3
X-Men/New Teen Titans Special #1
Sep 2010 20th Century Boys v7
Jack of Hearts #1-4
The Mice Templar v1: The Prophecy
Pat Novak for Hire
Persepolis 2
Sleeper: Season 2
Aug 2010 Aquaman #57
Batman: Secrets
Brave and the Bold #122
Brave and the Bold #133
Brave and the Bold #162
Ikigami v4
Knuckleheads #1 Special Edition
Marvel Team-Up #134
Men of War #19
Men of War #21
Penny For Your Soul # 1
Sgt Rock #325
Sgt Rock #338
Star Spangled War Stories #180
Unexpected #180
Jul 2010 Blazing Combat
Mr. X v2
Jun 2010 20th Century Boys v6
Spider-Man: Kraven’s Last Hunt
House of Mystery v1
May 2010 City People Notebook
Daredevil: Return of the King
Hellboy v3
Ikigami v3
The Other Side
Apr 2010 20th Century Boys v5
Agnes Quill
The Contingent #1
The Moth
Ōoku v2
Short Stack #2
Mar 2010 Black Metal
Fables v1
Oishinbo: Ramen & Gyoza
Sleeper: Season One
Feb 2010 Ikigami v2
Pax Romana
Powers v12
Superman Annual #11
Jan 2010 Blue Monday v4
Ōoku v1
Six from Sirius
Dec 2009 20th Century Boys v4
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns
Crogan’s Vengeance
Daredevil: Lady Bullseye
Nov 2009 Bleach v25
Blue Monday v3
Breathers v2
Ikigami v1
Powers v11
Rex Libris v1
Oct 2009 20th Century Boys v3
Breathers v1
The Spectre v1
Transmetropolitan v1
Sep 2009 Bleach v24
Showcase #104
Superman: Kandor
Wednesday Comics #3
Aug 2009 20th Century Boys v2
Bleach v23
Duck Tales Stories v2
House of Mystery #290
Phantom Stranger # 21-22
Jul 2009 Daredevil: Cruel & Unusual
Kingdom Come
Mixed Vegetables v1
Negation v4
Powers v10
Jun 2009 20th Century Boys v1
Bleach v22
JLA v17
Little Star
May 2009 DMZ v5
Kekkaishi v3
The Nightly News
Skip Beat v2
Apr 2009 Bleach v21
Blue Monday v2
Daredevil: Hell to Pay v2
Monster v18
Negation v3
Mar 2009 Hot Gimmick v6
Incredible Hercules: Against the World
Invisible People
Monster v17
Powers v9
Skip Beat v1
Strangers in Paradise v3
Feb 2009 Bleach v20
Buddha v8
Daredevil: Hell to Pay v1
DMZ v4
Negation v2
Jan 2009 The Building
Fruits Basket v3
Monster v16
Negation v1
Powers v8
Dec 2008 All-Star Batman & Robin v1
Bleach v19
Blue Monday v1
Exiles v14
Hitman v1
Kare Kano v13
Nov 2008 Buddha v7
Camelot 3000
DC Archives: Doom Patrol v1
Oct 2008 Bleach v18
Monster v15
She-Hulk v4
Starman Omnibus v1
Sep 2008 Buddha v6
Monster v14
The Nevermen
Punisher: Circle of Blood
Aug 2008 Bleach v17
DMZ v3
Namor #1-7
Nextwave v2
Y: The Last Man v10
Suicide Squad #1-15, Annual #1
Jul 2008 Buddha v5
Daredevil: The Devil, Inside & Out v2
Fruits Basket v2
Monster v13
Punisher War Journal v1
Uncanny X-Men Omnibus
Yotsuba&! v4
Jun 2008 Bleach v16
Crisis on Earth Prime
Fruitsbasket v1
Nextwave v1
Phoenix v9
She-Hulk v3
Team Zero
May 2008 Bleach v15
All-Star Superman #1 FCBD
Hellboy: The Mole FCBD
Marvel Masterworks: Fantastic Four v6
Monster v12
Y: The Last Man v9
Apr 2008 Hot Gimmick v5
Invincible v6
Phoenix v8
Powers v7
Strangers in Paradise v2
Yotsuba&! v3
Mar 2008 Catwoman: When in Rome
Monster v11
Y: The Last Man v8
Feb 2008 Bleach v14
Daredevil: The Devil, Inside & Out v1
Kare Kano v12
Kekkaishi v2
The Legion of Super-heroes: Eye for an Eye
Strangers in Paradise v1
Teen Titans Lost Annual
Jan 2008 A Contract with God
Phoenix v7
Queen & Country v7
Wolverine v1
X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills
Yotsuba&! v2
Young Avengers v2
Dec 2007 Blue Beetle #21
Crisis on Infinite Earths
Marvel Masterworks: Fantastic Four v5
Monster v10
Powers v6
Nov 2007 Bleach v13
The Flash: Wonderland
Green Lantern: Brightest Day, Darkest Night
Hot Gimmick v4
Invincible v5
Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD
Oct 2007 DC: The New Frontier (Absolute Edition)
Kare Kano v11
Monster v9
Point Blank
Yakitate!! Japan v6
Sep 2007 Bleach v12
Dr. Strange: The Oath
Kekkaishi v1
Queen & Country v6
Y: The Last Man v7
Yakitate!! Japan v5
Yotsuba&! v1
Aug 2007 Bleach v11
Checkmate v1
DMZ v2
Exiles v15
Hot Gimmick v3
Monster v8
Powers v5
X-Factor v1
Jul 2007 Daredevil Visionaries: Frank Miller v3
Yakitate!! Japan v4
Jun 2007 Bleach v10
JLA: The Golden Perfect
Monster v7
The ‘Nam v1
Y: The Last Man v6
May 2007 Batman/Huntress: Cry for Blood
Buddha v4
Garth Ennis ‘303
The Walking Dead v4
Yakitate!! Japan v3
Apr 2007 Invincible v4
Kare Kano v10
Monster v6
Powers v4
Queen & Country v5
Mar 2007 Bleach v9
Losers v5
Romance without Tears
Young Avengers v1
Feb 2007 Daredevil Visionaries: Frank Miller v2
Hikaru no Go v8
Maxx v6
Yakitate!! Japan v2
Jan 2007 Black Widow: The Things They Say About Her
Bleach v8
Monster v5
The Walking Dead v3
Dec 2006 Bleach v7
Buddha v3
Captain America: The Winter Soldier v2
Hot Gimmick v2
Y: The Last Man v5
Yakitate!! Japan v1
Nov 2006 Fallen Angel v1 (IDW)
Hikaru no Go v7
JSA: The Liberty Files
Phoenix v6
Planetes v4.2
Oct 2006 Bleach v6
DMZ v1
Hikaru no Go v6
Invincible v3
Kare Kano v9
Monster v4
Planetes v4.1
Sep 2006 Hot Gimmick v1
JSA: The Golden Age
Losers v4
Monster v3
Phoenix v5
Queen & Country v4
Aug 2006 Bleach v5
Elephantmen #1
Hikaru no Go v5
Maxx v5
Phoenix v4
Planetes v3
Jul 2006 Black Widow: Homecoming
Hikaru no Go v4
Kare Kano v8
Monster v2
Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. #1
Planetes v2
The Walking Dead v2
Jun 2006 Batman: Under the Hood
Bleach v4
Invincible v2
Marmalade Boy v8
Monster v1
Sandman v1
May 2006 A Life Force
Action Philosophers! Kabbalah
Bleach v3
Daredevil Visionaries: Frank Miller v1
Hikaru no Go v3
Human Target: Final Cut
Kare Kano v7
Phoenix v3
Planetes v1
Queen & Country v3
Y: The Last Man v4
Apr 2006 The American Way #1
Astro Boy v1
Buddha v2
Conan v1
Hikaru no Go v2
Marmalade Boy v7
Powers v2
She-Hulk v2
Team Zero #1
Warlord #1
What If? featuring Captain America
Mar 2006 Bleach v2
JSA #82
Oct 2002 - Mar 2006 Prior to late March of 2006 I did not keep detailed records of what I read and when I read it. I compiled the following list by searching my bookshelves for books that I have read but that are not in my log book.

Adam Strange: The Man of Two Worlds
Batman: Hush
Batman: The Cult
The Black Forest
Bleach v1
Buddha v1
Captain America: Winter Soldier v1
Colonia: Islands & Anomalies
DC Archives: Enemy Ace v1
Fade from Blue v1
Fagin the Jew
Hana Kimi v1,2
Hard Time: 50 to Life
Hawaiian Dick: Byrd of Paradise
Hikaru no Go v1
Human Target (mini-series)
Human Target v1,2
Invincible v1
Iron Wok Jan v1,2
Kare Kano v1-6
Losers v1,2,3
Love Fights v1,2
Mage: The Hero Defined v1
Marmalade Boy v1-6
The Maxx v1-4
Ministry of Space
Phoenix v1,2
Powers v1
Queen & Country v1,2
Ranma 1/2 v1-4
Rex Mundi v1
Route 666 v1
Ruse v1
Sandman v4
Scion v1-4
Sgt Rock: Between Hell and a Hard Place
Sgt Rock's Combat Tales
She-Hulk v1
Sigil v1
Stray Bullets v1
Superman & Batman: Generations
Superman & Batman: Generations II
Thor Legends: Walt Simonson v2
The Walking Dead v1
X-Men Visionaries: Neal Adams
Y: The Last Man v1,2,3
Yossel: April 19, 1943
Your & My Secret v1