Saturday, December 20, 2008

December Reading

Reading, reading, reading...

Bleach v19 - Pretty awesome. I normally don't dig the fight scenes but even the fight scenes in this one, especially between Ichigo and Byakuya were especially good. That's a good thing since the fight between those two took up at least half the book. Looks like the Soul Society Arc is just about over with.

Hitman v1 - I'd heard a lot about this book and finally got my hands on it. Its good but not great. I liked the artwork. It has a feel un-DCU feel to it. The writing is ok, just not my thing or not what I'm looking for. As I indicated I was reading this more because I'd heard so many good things about it rather than because it sounded like it was something I would love. I might have appreciated it more if I had discovered it when I was younger and without all the fanfare it has received. Given that I obtained it through paperbackswap it was worth my money. Not so sure if I would be equally satisfied if I had paid say $20 for it.

Powers v8: Legends - Simply awesome. I've only read the first three chapters of this collection but I am loving it. Its great how Bendis and Oeming dig back into the history of this series in this storyline, as in others. In this story Callista returns, with powers. Callista was the orphaned girl from the very first story arc. Years have passed since Retro Girl was killed and Callista was orphaned. Callista is now in her late mid-teens, I'm guessing. The confrontation between her and Walker in chapter 3 is great. Its great because I could just feel the emotions leaping off the page.

Fruits Basket v3 - I'm taking my time with this book. Its not my favorite series but there are things about it that I like. Maybe I'll give up on it eventually, dunno, but for now I'm gonna keep reading.

I went to Barbarian today. I couldn't find everything I was looking for. I did buy Daredevil: Hell to Pay v1, Bleach v20, and The Building by Will Eisner.

Earlier this week I ordered Negation v4: Shock & Awe over the internet. I'm planning on rereading the series over the next couple months, now that I have almost the entire series in trade format.