Thursday, April 30, 2009

April roundup

Bleach 21 - My original plan called for me to drop Bleach after the Soul Society arc ended, which it did, but all intents and purposes, in v20. The first few chapters of v21 wrap up a couple of loose ends but it is more or less epilogue. Now that I've finished v21 and read the beginning of the new arc I want more, so I bought v22. The story is good in this series but the art is better.

Blue Mondays v2: Absolute Beginners - I liked this collection as much, possibly more than the previous one. It certainly made me want more. I like the manga influences on this book, even though it doesn't look manga. The writer/artist definitely has her own style. Lots of gals cursing in this book, I like it. Not always my cup o' tea but since I don't see or read comics like this too much I like it. Ok, some of the twists and turns seem a little ridiculous but once again this isn't one of many teen romance comics that I read.

Negation v3: Hounded - Loved this the first time around, when it was first released in individual issues. It isn't quite the same rereading it in a collection. Its easier to avoid the cliffhanger endings and I have a (somewhat faded) recollection of what is going to happen. Still it was a fun read. I've got v4, the last of the series and plan on reading it in the near future.