Saturday, September 1, 2012

Batman: Year One - Chapter 1

Batman 404: Who I Am; How I Came to Be
by Frank Miller (writer) and David Mazzucchelli (artist)

The story opens with the separate arrivals of Lieutenant James Gordon and millionaire Bruce Wayne in Gotham. From there the narrative jumps backs and forth between their stories as they separately confront corruption in the Gotham City Police Department; one from within and the other from without. The chapter ends with both men feeling a renewed sense of purpose despite the fact that they both have a long ways to go in order to right the wrongs they seek to address.

The storytelling so far is awesome, masterful. It is hard to say if someone who isn't familiar with Batman would be quite as impressed or moved by this chapter as one who is. Also worth noting is that so far Gordon isn't a supporting character, rather he is one of the protagonists.

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