Monday, September 1, 2008

Starman, Nevermen, Monster, Doom Patrol

OK, so as usual I'm in the midst of reading several things at once:
  • Starman Omnibus HC v1 - link - Progress: # 0-11 - Bit by bit this series is growing on me more and more. I'm still not sure why everyone seems to love it. Maybe its one of those group-think things and most people only love it because other people say they love it. I dunno but I really like the writing on this series.
  • Nevermen TP - link - Progress: ch 1-3 - This underappreciated book is just awesome in that kind of way that I often have a hard time describing. I love it for the artwork at least as much as the story. Guy Davis pencils and Dave Stewart's leave me gaping in wonder. If you asked me to explain the story I would be hard pressed to do so without telling you everything that happens. I can't boil it down, I can't simplify it. It just is. It doesn't all make sense, it just exists. Its not that I've never seen stuff like this before just that I love it so much that I don't care if it makes sense or not, to me.
  • Monster v14 - link - Progress: ch 1-7 - I'm amazed at how things continue to develop in this series, this late in the game. The series is only 18 volumes long and yet it seems that new characters and situations are still being introduced. Can't wait to see how it all wraps up.
  • Doom Patrol Archives v1 - link - Progress: # 80 - Its a silver age comic book so it can't be read and/or digested the same way a modern one is. Still, I love the sillyness of it all. I'm also suitably impressed by the artwork. I've been meaning to read something from the silver age that wasn't published by Marvel. This was the only title from DC that caught my eye.