Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Comic Book Notes (LJ) Dec 2003


More reasons to drop Mile High like a hot potato? Maybe. The following books have yet to get shipped to me. I'm not sure if it is the publisher's fault or Mile High's but in at least one case (Gene Pool) I saw the book at Closet of Comics.

Here's the list:

CrossGen - I'm pretty sure that this have not come out yet.

  • SEP - Scion (Vol. 5) TPB: Far Kingdom
  • SEP - Sigil (VOl. 5) TPB: Death Match
  • OCT - Route 666 (Vol. 2) TPB: Three Ring Circus
  • OCT - Scion (Vol. 3) Traveler: Divided Loyalties
  • NOV - Chimera TPB


  • SEP - Hawaiian Dick: Last Resort # 1
  • SEP - Savage Dragon TPB: Worlds at War
  • OCT - Hawaiian Dick: Last Resort # 2
  • OCT - Rex Mundi # 7
  • NOV - Hawaiian Dick: Last Resort # 3
  • NOV - Rex Mundi # 8


  • SEP - Comic Book Artist Vol. 2
  • OCT - Dead Memory HC
  • OCT - Gene Pool
  • OCT - John Byrne's You Go Ghoul Ashcan
  • OCT - Yossel

Given how much these will cost me altogether I'm not sure if I should complain or not. Maybe Mile High is just trying to save me some dough. Ya know?


I did go to closet of comics today. I spent about an hour in there. I must have gone through the shelves about three times. At first I thought I would get D (the student I tutor) a Will Eisner book. I know he writes/draws good stuff. They have quite a few there, but I decided to keep looking. Eventually I found TPB editions of Matt Wagner's Mage. I've never read Mage, but I've read some of his other stuff and heard good things about Mage, so I bought him one of the many TPB volumes they had there. It was only $9.95. Just about right for what I wanted to spend on D's present. I also considered buying him the TPB collection of the original issues of Swamp Thing. D is into horror books. It was $19.95, which isn't too much for me to spend, but given that I'm not too sure what he thinks of comics I decided to play it safe and get him something a little less pricey, but just as attractive.


It's been a while since I wrote about what I've been reading.

Things I liked:

Heaven's Devils # 1 (Image) - I wish it was done on better or a different sort of paper, or maybe colored, but I really like the story so far. I bought it because the pencils are done by the same guy that did the first four issues of Clockmaker, Zach something-or-other. I like the story so far, I just wonder if the last three issues of this limited series can live up to the first one.

JLA # 88 (DC) - This book seems to get a lot of knocks from reviewers, but I like it a lot. I don't read many spandex superhero books, but this is one that I'm not about to drop. Love the whole Martian Manhunter gone nuts story line, and his budding romance with that flaming vixen whose name escapes me at the moment.

I think the biggest trouble with this book is that it seems like every other storyline involves the JLA saving the world, but recently I think the creative team on this book has done a fairly good job of not making it too over the top.

Other news:

I just read in Lying in the Gutters that Mark Waid and Barry Kitson maybe taking over Legion in the near future. That's enough to get my attention. I think this is the same team that's been doing the Empire mini-series, and I love that.

I also plan on sticking with Thanos after Jim Starlin leaves (last issue #6) and Keith Giffen takes over. I was kind of bummed when I read that Starlin was leaving, but I'm interested to see how Keith Giffen, who has written and drawn the Legion of Superheroes in the past, handles Thanos.

I've been picking up the issues I missed of Lady Death: A Medieval Tale, and plan on buying Lady Death: The Wild Hunt. I loved Jim Cheung's artwork on Scion, even though I only have read a few issues of it. I thing Cheung is a good choice to draw LD, although I'm not so sure that he was the best pick to draw an issue of Route 666 (#18 I think) I'll be getting that in the mail soon.

There's more books that I could write about including some of the disappointments like:

  • Batman/Joker: Switch - I'm not sure what attracted me to this in the first place, but I didn't care for the plot/pacing or the coloring.
  • World's Best Comics: Golden Age DC Archive Sampler - Glad I only paid $0.99 for this.
  • Tigress: Journey to Caldathera - OK, but nothing spectacular. It was a little pricey, $9.95, for a prestige book, but I wanted to give Mike Hoffman's work a try. He does nice paintings, but his writing and sequential artwork leave a something to be desired. Glad I tried it, but I don't plan on returning for more. any time soon.

I'm sure there are more things that I didn't mention, maybe tonight or tomorrow I'll get around to writing about them.


I got my shipment (or most of it at least) of comics from Mile High yesterday. I guess my last exchange with them put a sense of urgency in them, for this month at least. That was about ten to twelve days from the time I got the e-mail saying the comics were on their way. That's the fastest I've ever gotten a shipment from them. Now I said most of them because three items were missing which I assume were shipped seperately.

So naturally I stayed up late reading my favorite item from the shipment, the previews catalog.


What a nothing weekend. I've read a lot of comics. Maybe I should write about that?

Let's see, in reverse order I read:

Extinction Event # 5 - Talk about the non-event mini-series of the year. I am so disappointed in myself for buying this one. I guess with everything that I do buy I'm bound to make some bad decisions. Not only did I not care for the plot, the art, the pacing, but it doesn't even have an ending! WTF?

Captain Marvel # 15 - Another fairly good (but not great) issue of Captain Marvel. I think it is the dark humor as much as it is anything else that keeps me reading this book. The artwork hasn't been too impressive lately, but the writing (Peter David) is fairly good and not too predictable.

1602 # 3 - Another good issue in the mini-series.
  • It appears that the grand inquisitor is Magneto after all.
  • John Grey has to be Jean Grey in disguise. Her chat with Angel, certainly hints at that.
  • As in issue #1 Peter Parquagh almost gets bit by a spider.
  • Speaking of spiders, Black Widow's fight in the Inn in the Tyrol was a little confusing. It was kind of like the camera was focusing in on Daredevil while the fight went on around him.

Lady Death # 6 - Not quite as good as I hoped it would be, or as some of the earlier issues. Hopefully the quality of the writing will pick up again with #7.

Oh, and I have just one more issue to go before I'll be done with the Thor/Walt Simonson TPB. I'm still enjoying it. Great writing. I wish I had believed the hype when these issue were coming out and bought them then.

I was only going to read negation # 23, but it was such a tease that i had to read # 24. Now I have to wait another month before I get # 25.

Was it worth it? Right now I'm thinking yes.


My second package of comics from Mile High arrived today. It contained:

  • Fagin the Jew by Will Eisner - Eisner's take on Fagin's life
  • Sgt. Rock: Between Hell and a Hard Place by Brian Azarello and Joe Kubert - I almost passed up on this one, because it cost so much, but how many more Sgt. Rock stories is Mr. Kubert going to draw?
  • Previews Catalog - I didn't realize that I was going to be getting one from, otherwise I wouldn't have paid an extra $2 for one from Mile High.

I read Empire #4 tonight and tried watching Storm Riders on DVD. The movie was disappointing. It is based on a Manga comic book. It seems like one of those deals where I would probably enjoy it more if I had read the comic book, or maybe not. Anyway, the plot moves too fast, the special effects are really weak, and it was putting me to sleep, so I turned it off after about an hour. Empire #4 I enjoyed very much. It is a shame that this is only a six-issue limited series.


I was reading the interview (skimming is more like it) with Jeph Loeb (over at Newsarama) about his work on the relatively new Superman/Batman book when I got an idea for a slightly different book. I'm half afraid to post this to one of the message boards. Someone has probably already thought of it before. Here goes:

What I would like to see is a Batman/Wonder Woman book. They have had a nice little thing going in JLA, where they are not romantically involved, but there is something there (more than just friendship or a working relationship) that neither one wants to seem to acknowledge. I think it could be good. It would probably attract more female readers than the current Superman/Batman title does.

Of course, I would want them to drag the relationship out as long as possible. Not resolve things too quickly. Maybe I should send an e-mail to someone at DC. Hmmmm....


I just read Heaven's Devils # 2 from Image. Another good issue. I wish the gray scale work was a bit lighter, but other than that I really like it: story, artwork, everything.

I also finally got around to reading JLA # 90. The one where they finally resolve the whole Batman/Wonder Woman thing. From my previous posts and my posts at comicbooklovers it should be apparent how I feel about it.


I read a few more comics: Incredible Hulk # 63, Thanos # 2, Conan: The Legend # 0. I enjoyed all three of 'em. :-)


After reading the Tokyopop: Lucky in Love, I am thinking of trying a couple of shoujo manga series and spent some time checking them out at TOKYOPOP. Yeah, yeah I know. They're supposed to be just for girls, but I wanna know what all the fuss is about. I probably won't stick with 'em, but I want to give them a try.

Sunday, November 30, 2003

Comic Book Notes (LJ) Nov 2003


After that I read Empire # 3. Great issue. I really am getting into this story line. It's a shame that it is only a 6-issue limited series. I won't be getting issue # 4 in my next shipment, so I am probably six weeks away from reading the next ish. I heard a rumor that they are planning a follow-up for sometime next year.

I also read JLA # 86. Or was it 87? It's the one with Superman on the cover with his hands and feet buried in concrete. It was pretty good. I really like the art; something about the way Doug Mahnke and Tom Nguyen draw the team members, in particular Batman and Wonder Woman.


I went to Closet of Comics today. I picked up copies of Route 666 # 16, 1602 # 1, Solus # 7, and Lady Death # 3 and 4. I finally got around to reading issue #1 of Frank Miller's Robocop. It was pretty good, and violent, but I don't think I'll be picking up the rest of the issues. I might buy the trade paperback if there is one. Just one more issue of Solus to go. I originally was going to drop the series after issue #6, but since they are canceling it with issue #8, I figured I may as well buy the last two issues and make it a complete collection. Issue # 7 does have a beautiful cover.


I just finished reading Lady Death # 3.


I got home around 9 and read Solus # 6.


I was thinking of buying Kiss Kiss Bang Bang before I saw the ads and the press release about it. Looks too much like Ruse, which I wasn't wild about. Besides, I am collecting plenty of other comicbooks.

This week seems to have flown by. I don't know quite why.

I picked up my mail while at lunch. I got the new Bud Plant catalog. I love looking through that thing, but I've got too much stuff at home to be buying more comics. Maybe I can find some gifts in there.

I also finished off Batman and Superman: Generations 2 by John Byrne. The ending was worth it. I'm starting to wonder what Generations 3 will be like. I have the first nine or ten issues, but I think I'm going to wait for the trade paperback to come out before reading it. Up next I have two trade paperbacks, Batman: The Cult and Maxx Vol. 1.


I was looking at bidding on some comics online today, at eBay,. but came to my senses and didn't. Some of them ended up going for considerably more than I was willing to pay. I don't need to be buying back issues anyway. I've got too many current comics to read as is. If not comics, then certainly too many trade paperbacks.

There are a lot of good looking collections of silver and bronze age comics that come out on a regular basis. In particular the DC hardback collections look very attractive. They retail for $49.95, but can be obtained for about $35 at Amazon. The problem isn't money so much as it is buying things just for the sake of having them. If I am going to buy reading materials I think that I should read them at least once. Twenty comic books a month I can read, but when I start buying trade paperbacks, even just two a month, it really adds the backlog of comic book reading I have. to do. So in an effort to limit myself I am trying to keep a forward thinking/reading perspective. Not buying things, or only buying them sparingly, which aren't new material. Blah, blah, blah....

I got around to reading Marvel 1602 #2 this afternoon. Another great issue. I can't wait to read some of the comments that other people have about this ish. I loved the ending. Despite the fact that Neil Gaiman reportedly is not going to use characters who weren't introduced in Marvel Comics prior to the late 60's or early seventies I am convinced that Virginia Dare is supposed to be Snowbird of Alpha Flight. The ending of Marvel 1602 #2 seems to support this conjecture. Of course, I also like another theory which holds that she is Thor (in human form) and that the treasure of the Templars is the staff which will turn him back to his true form and which is in reality his hammer, Mjolnir.

I also read Fallen Angel # 3 today. I wasn't too wild about ish # 2, and was thinking of dropping the series after the end of the current story arc, but # 3 has renewed my interest in this series. If I enjoy # 4 as much as I did # 3 I will definitely stick with the series for at least another story arc or two.

I'm looking at the e-mail I got about the shipment I'll be receiving in another week (probably) and I still can't but think (again) that it looks small.


Anyhow, this morning I took Batman:The Cult with me to read while I was doing my laundry.


I mentioned that I started in on Batman: The Cult on Sunday, but what I forgot to say was that I really love the artwork. Bill Sienkiewicz (I think I spelled that right) and Bill Wray have done a spectacular job. Some of the pages I can just sit and stare at. Such depth. So far I would say it is the trade paperback I have read this year since the Adam Strange book I bought in the Spring.


I read Negation # 21 last night.

Negation # 21 was awesome. Great issue. A shame that one of the escaped prisoners has to die, but what a way to go. The coloring on this issue was fantastic. It wasn't until I had finished reading it that I noticed that they had a new colorist. James Rochelle has moved on to Route 666 and Laura Martin has taken over. Hopefully she'll stick with Bedard, Pelletier and Meikis when they start in on The War.

I put in an order with

After hearing about them on the Newsarama message boards I decided to give a try and put in a relatively small order. They offer considerably bigger discounts than Mile High's NICE program. I'm not ready to jump ship just yet, but I may if things work out for the first couple months.


I read JLA # 87 last night.


Since I am running low on new issues of comic books to read, I recently dug into the pile of back issues that I have bought in the last couple months but not read yet. I read the sixth of ten issues in the Thor/Walt Simonson trade paperback. I also read issues X-Men: The Hidden Years # 1 - 3. I am starting to realize that John Byrne's work isn't everything that I remembered it to be. It lacks the depth of some other artists. I am speaking of both the artwork and his writing. His stories (for the most part) seem very surface level. Having said that there is still a very iconic look to his work. It probably doesn't hurt that he is one of the two artists to have first drawn the New X-Men.

I also read the first couple issues of Dreadstar. I picked up the first 27 issues for about $0.68 per issue a couple months back. I didn't collect Dreadstar when it first came out, but I had a friend who did and I remember reading it. Great stuff.


I read the second chapter of Batman: The Cult at the laundromat this morning. It wasn't as good as the first chapter. Much less focused. There was much more to advance the plot, but I just wasn't as taken by this chapter as I was by the first. Oh, well.


Now I want to know where my damn comics are! It's been three weeks since Mile High sent me an e-mail telling me that they were on their way. The longest it has ever been is three-and-a-half weeks. Of course they charged my credit card for the comics when they (said they) sent them. It's happened before that they haven't mailed the comics out until a week or three or four days after they e-mail me. One more reason to switch to The ironic thing is that what I want almost more than the comics themselves is the Previews catalog so that I can put in my order for January comics. Grrrrr!


I got my comic books last night, at last. They, Mile High Comics, overcharged me for postage and, according to the postmark, they didn't mail them out until fifteen days after they told it was going out. So, I sent them a e-mail. I tried to be to the point and not nasty, but I've got a feeling that some of my disappointment came through in my choice of words and phrasing. No fowl language but I made it clear that I wasn't pleased and expected some explanation.

Oh, well. One more nail in the coffin of my Mile High account. Of course, what I was really looking forward to was getting the new Previews catalog.


I read Lady Death # 4 the other night, and Solus # 7 this morning. Both good episodes. I'm not sure if Solus # 8 is out yet, but I'm going to the comic shop today to see if it is and if they still have copies of Lady Death # 5 & 6. There are a few other things I want to look for. I'd better make a list before I go.

Friday, October 31, 2003

Comic Book Notes (LJ) Oct 2003


I read a few CrossGen comic books and a few DC over the past few days.

Empire # 2 - Good, really good. I like how this is developing. No heroes just bad guys. It kinda disturbed me at first, but now I am getting into it.

Extinction Event #2 - Possibly the worst buy I have made all year. I am referring to the whole mini-series, and not just the first issue.

Brath # 6 - Not a great issue. The regular artist has either moved on or was taking off this issue. The art was ok, but the story for the most part was background on the upper levels of the government which has captured Brath.

Negation # 18 - Bit by bit I am getting caught up. This was a really good issue. I liked the improbable pairing of Lizard Lady and Westin. Lizard Lady in particular hasn't gotten much screen time in recent issues. Westin now knows her secret: how she interrogates by devouring her subjects. Also got more detail on Westin's power.

Mark of Charon # 3 - More background on the Lawbringers. Javi knows it all now, or at least considerably more. I can't wait to see how he uses the information he has gotten, how far those bearing the mark of Charon will go along with him, his confrontation with Apollyon, and what his angle is.

My next shipment of comics is on it's way and it's a big one. I'm still working my way through Generations 2 and Thor Visionaries Vol. 2, and haven't even started on Batman: The Cult or Maxx Vol. 1.


I was in such a bad mood yesterday that I completely ignored the monthly shipment of new comics that arrived and didn't even turn on the tube to watch Game 7 of the ALCS. It a little late to watch the game, but I did open the box of comics. I got a lot this time, but still not as much as I was expecting. One of these months my bill is just going to be huge.

This month's was the biggest so far in the 10 months that I have been buying new comics through Mile High. I only got one more TPB (Hawaiian Dick: Byrd of Paradise from Image), but there were also a couple of prestige books in the mix (Superman: Blood of my Ancestors from DC, Tigress Journey to Caldathera from Antimatter).

What else? Well, the last issue of the Lee/Loeb run on Batman, #619. The last issue of Solus that I am going to get, #6. Along with a number of other comics.

Which one excites me the most? Probably Thanos #1 (from Marvel) by Jim Starlin. Always an interesting character, the fact that he is going to be written and drawn by the artist who has done the best work on him only adds to my heightened sense of anticipation.

The latest installment of Empire, #3 also looks to be a good one.

I also got the first couple issues of a new story arc in Hulk, #60 and 61. I'm only planning on collecting this arc, but if I like it enough I may stick with it.

There was plenty more including Brath #7, Captain Marvel #14, Fallen Angel #3, JLA #87 and 88...


What else? far as inconsequential things go I finally got back to reading volume to of Walt Simonson' Visionaries: Thor. I'm not a big fan of the thunder god, but I have to say the stories are good. I have one more chapter to go in the battle with Surtur.


I read the Fallen Angel # 2 and Captain Marvel # 13 the other night. Both are written by Peter David. Fallen Angel didn't do much for me. I'm not sure why. Maybe it was the fact that it felt a bit forced. The storyline just wasn't all that compelling. Captain Marvel I enjoyed. The art work was a big improvement over the art work in the previous four issues. It was a self-contained single issue story. It wasn't completely original. I mean there have been plenty of Captain Marvel stories about him trying to teach other lessons with his amazing powers and quirky/malevolent sense of humor. Still, I enjoyed this one.

I also read Mark of Charon # 4 earlier this week. It was okay. Not good or great, just ok. It does provide a lot background information of Charon and Appolyon. Kind of like the Negation Lawbringer one-shot, it is required reading for any Negation fans out there.


Upon discovering the following I have decided to reread the first issue of 1602. I have yet to read the second or third issues. I do have issue 2.

Mystery and Conundrums: The Mysteries of Neil Gaiman's 1602 Issue 1 by Jason Pomerantz.

There are a couple other essays out these on Neil Gaiman's 1602:

Notes on 1602 #1 by Jess Nevins


Annotations to Marvel 1602 by Julian Darius.


A couple non-mainstream comics from smaller publishers that look cool to me.

FARO KORBIT #1 (of 4)
by Baron, Rubi, Feeney & De La Cruz

Ancient evil never dies... It waits on the other side of the curtain for humanity to stumble. Faro Korbit is an immortal mystic, sole defender against a Lovecraftian menace. As the forces of evil gather in the Nevada desert, Faro recruits an odd assortment of allies: a cocktail waitress, a grand prix driver, and a dancer. Unless they succeed, humanity will be scoured from the earth like a billiard ball in a clothes washer.

by Brandon, Hawthorne, Remender, & Brusco
Chinatown has found its hero. A young teenage boy named Gid, who just days before was looked upon as an outcast by his own people. But now, speaking with a newfound power and authority inspired by his mysterious visions, Gid has urged his followers to strike back against the marauding Ganglords. But Gid knows that no matter how brave they are, it will take more than inspiration to defeat their rulers. It will take a war.


I read Hulk # 60 last night. It is the first issue in a five (or six) issue arc that I have decided to buy. The writing is ok, the art is good, but not great. I don't think it was a mistake to buy it, but I doubt that I will continue to buy it after this story arc.

I got my notification that Mile High shipped my latest batch of comics today. The list looked a little light. The total, dollar wise came to less than half of what I was expecting it to be. They really are starting to make me wonder now. A couple of the books (which I won't be getting in this shipment) I was expecting to get last month. Oh well.


I also read a couple comics (Brath #7 and chapter 7 of Generations II).

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Comic Book Notes (LJ) Sep 2003


I also bought some comics at Closet of Comics this weekend: a few issues of JLA, a couple of Zero Girl: Full Circle (by the incomparable Sam Keith), and an issue of The Goon. I started in on Zero Girl: Full Circle, but haven't touched the other yet. I did finally get around to reading the first issue of Dark Angel. It looks good. I think I'm going to enjoy it.

I've also been thinking more about buying comics for resale. I've been thinking about trying to collect a couple of extra sets of 1602 and Thanos, among others. Things that I'm keeping my eye on in the future: Superman by Jim Lee, the Elseworlds series that will be coming out next year, and John Byrne's upcoming run on JLA.


I wasn't planing on it, but I found some good deals on some John Byrne comics and I ended up bidding on them. I won a couple of issues of X-men, at a pretty good discount to price guide value. They are also autographed by John Byrne, so I figure that should add something to the PG value. How much? I'm not sure.

I also finally received the issue of Power of the Atom and Sword of the Atom (that I bought through eBay) today. They're not in great shape (VG to FN) but I didn't pay much for them ($5.50 for 13 comics including S&H) and they are good reading material.

I'm kicking myself now about not bidding higher on that John Byrne piece that I had the high bid on last week. I don't know how high I would have had to go, but it was a nice piece, and given how much some of the original artwork sells for, I think it would have been a bargain even if I had to spend $200 for it.


I went to the Small Press Expo today. I worked at the front door for a few hours and then got to walk around. The funniest moment had to be when one of the exhibitors told me that most of the stuff on display was schlock. Not his words exactly, but he said something like that. It really cracked me up. I ended up buying a few books. I spent about ten or fifteen dollars altogether, not counting the three dollars I paid to park.

It was an interesting experience. I can go back tomorrow, but unless there is a panel that really interests me I think that I'll pass. I have my cousin's rehearsal dinner tomorrow night and I can't stay too late. The other interesting thing that happened to me is that I ran into a former co-worker who is now trying to break into the business as an artist. He didn't have any comics complete, as of yet.

Back to the funny comment, I had to agree with the exhibitor who said most of it was schlock. A lot of it is schlock. A lot of it just doesn't appeal to me. Two things did jump out at me and I bought them. If they turn out to be as good as I thought I just may buy some more issues.


More Thoughts on SPX

It was a bit of sensory overload for me. Yeah, that about sums it up. I wasn't sure what to expect. There was a lot of diversity among the exhibitors. It went from the larger publishing houses that aren't quite mainstream to the people who draw and publish their own comics. There was some very professional looking work there are some real crap.

Why were people there? I mean the exhibitors? Good question. I think that there are several answers to that one. I think that the more established comic book creators and publishers were there to spread the word, make some sales, connect with the fans, etc. For the most part they didn't seem quite so desperate to sell to me or to get me to look at their stuff. Then there were the people who have had some success and I think are trying to broaden their base. Finally, and I think most of the folks fall into this category, there are the people are there either because they are trying to break into the business or because it is what they like to do. The chances of them making it big are probably slim. I think some people were there just to socialize. Nothing wrong with that, but it's not me.

One reason why I like to shop online and why I don't like to shop in comic book stores too much is that I like the privacy of being able to buy things without someone looking over my shoulder. As crowded as it was yesterday that was definitely not a possibility. I started out (browsing) with the feeling that everyone deserves an opportunity. I did not realize how much crap their would be there. As I said in my last post I found a couple things that looked interesting, but aside from that it was an educational experience.


When I got home I found the issues of X-Men Hidden Years that I purchased through eBay on Monday had arrived. That was fast. They were all in NM to Mint condition and didn't cost me much at all, less than $1 an issue. I am even happier. I also managed to get through the day without bidding on any new items, although there are a few that I have my eye on. My monthly shipment of comics from Mile High Comics' subscription service should be here any day now.

I started reading Lab Rats last night. I recently bought issues 1 - 6 through eBay. Pretty good story, although it does remind me of Next Men in some ways. I also read issue 14 of Negation and issue 81 of JLA. I wasn't too impressed by the plotting in JLA. On the whole I find the writing to be kind of hit or miss. I also like the artwork that the regular team does. Issues 80 - 82 have a guest penciller filling in. The issue of Negation was awesome. I loved it. I'm glad that I finally broke down and bought the issues I was missing instead of waiting for the trade paperback.


I've managed to not bid (successfully) on any items since Wednesday, or was it Thursday? I did bid on a very nice piece of Sam Keith artwork from the Wolverine story he did with Peter David in Marvel Comics Presents back in the early 90's. The top bid was $350, and the reserve had not been met yet. I put in a bid of $400, but was outbid immediately. Oh yeah, and the reserve has still not been met yet. According to the seller it is worth between $800 and $1200. I wonder what he has the reserve set at. I really like it.

I finally got my piece of original Paul Pelletier artwork that I won a little over two weeks ago. It is from an issue of Flash. Now I want to get a copy or two of that issue and get it mounted with the cover, page from the comic and the original artwork altogether. It should make a nice set. I've thought about buying another of his original pieces that is for sale on CrossGen's web site. They have some as low as $50, but not a big selection.


Um, I know there has to be something else, but I cannot think of it. I finally got my monthly shipment from Mile High. The Superman & Batman Generations 2 TPB was in there. I've already started in on it. I've been collecting G3, but wanted to wait until after I read G2 before starting in on it.


I finally got back to some comic book reading with Negation # 17, which unfortunately is not penciled by Paul Pelletier. I picked up issue 21 over the weekend. I also put in my order with Mile High for November comics. Thankfully there were not as many hardcovers and trade paperbacks that caught by eye this month as did last. Those higher priced items really add up fast.

I put in a couple bids on John Byrne art pieces on eBay today. Both auctions end tonight. I got outbid on one, but still have the high bid on the other.


I read a couple comic books (Mark of Charon # 2, JLA # 84). I also read an issue from the 2nd TPB collection of Walt Simonson's work on Thor from the mid-80's. I'm not wild about the art, but the writing I really like. The dialogue comes off as authentic and Simonson does a good job of mixing elemernts of the Norse mythos and the Marvel Universe.

Sunday, August 31, 2003

Comic Book Notes (LJ) Aug 2003


I spent a good portion of the day fixing up my comic book collection. I went to Closet of Comics and bought a couple more long comic boxes. I can definitely use them. I'm going to need more bags and backings, but I'll go back in a week or two for those. I also picked up a copy of the traveler edition of Scion Vol. 1. I already have the TPB edition, but I think the comic looks better in the smaller format.

So after I got back from CoC I used up all the bags and backings I've got putting away comics. I've still got plenty left to put away. They'll have to wait. I'm writing in circles.

I still have probably 150 to 200 marvel comics to index. Everything else has been indexed. Enough about comics.


I ran out of comics. Well not really, but I ran out of new ones to read. All I have are a couple TPBs that I am working my way through and some old Spider-Man comic books. I've got another week or so till my next shipment of new comics arrives. I do have some old issues of Alter Ego that I haven't read. Maybe I'll flip through them instead.


I can't believe how much some of the comics I bought are worth. I'm not talking old comics either. I'm talking comics I bought for three dollars a piece two months ago that are now worth between ten and twenty dollars each. Or at least that what the market seems to be willing to pay for them. Unbelievable.


I need to write. Even if no one else is going to see this I need to write. I've been going a bit crazy lately. Bidding on and buying too many comics. I even started thinking about buying multiple copies of comics. That isn't the part that really bothers me. That is the amount of time I spend on eBay looking for deals. It just isn't healthy. I can resist up to a point, but then I just get the urge to buy. I need to do something to help me control it, or find someway to keep myself in check.


I got some more comic books in the mail today. Ones that I bought through eBay. There were twenty-three issues of Marvel Comics presents, almost all of which have Sam Keith cover art. I paid less than $10 for the lot. They are almost all in Near Mint, which is what they were advertised to be in. Unlike the Namor comics which were also advertised in Near Mint, they actually passed muster. According to the price guide collectively they are worth almost $100.

Thursday, July 31, 2003

Comic Book Notes (LJ) Jul 2003


I finally got around to reading issue three of Chimera. This really is an awesome limited series. The writing is good and the art work is nothing short of amazing. I am still left wondering how this ties into the rest of the CrossGen universe. The main character has a sigil, and I suppose that is the connection, but I'm wondering if the culture she comes from is related to or has come into contact with any of the other cultures any of the CrossGen universe.


I'm doing a little better on the comic book front. I read some more over the past couple nights.

Last Night

Negation - Chapter 8 from the second TPB. This series rocks. Period. No doubt about it. It takes a lot of will power to not read too much all at once. There are so many characters and so much going on, but it all seems to work. I love it.

Fantastic Four - Unthinkable Part 2 - It's a damn shame that this will be the last Waid and Wieringo story in FF. They do an excellent job together. Marvel really has me and a lot of other people wondering about their decision to let them go. It really does make it look like the company cares more about the movies and licensing than it does about the comics.

Batgirl: Year One # 6 - I like the artwork in this 9-part limited series, and that's what drew me in, but I find the story to be lacking. I'm already committed to buying the rest of the series to there's no point in crying about spilt milk at this point.


Marvel Universe: The End # 5 - Another great issue in this limited series from Jim Starlin and Al Milgrom. I can't think of anything else to say other than it is a shame that there is only one more issue.

Batman # 615 - Once again I love the artwork and the story is pretty good, but if it weren't for the fact that it is Jim Lee I probably would not be buying this. Only four more issues to go in his run and as with BG:YO i am now already committed to buying the rest of the run. I don't think I would drop it even if I wasn't.


I got my monthly shipment from Mile High today. For the first time I received a copy of Diamond Distributor's Previews. It retails for $3.95, but Mile High sells them through the subscription service for $2. I thought it would be a big pamphlet. It isn't. It's huge. Beautiful full color advertisements for all sorts of comics, both mainstream and non.

I also received a number of comic books, including the last issue of two limited series (Chimera #4 and Marvel Universe: The End #6) and the first of two other limited series (Empire # 0 and Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman: Trinity #1). I also received a number of that are the next to last issue I have ordered in their run:

Truth: Red White and Black #6 - I saw a not so flattering review of the final issue the other day. Hopefully it won't be as big a let down as the reviewer made it seem.

Peter Parker: Spiderman # 57 - It's a shame that this is the second and last issue drawn by Sam Kieth. He's the only reason I picked up the book.

Wonder Woman #193 - Goes in the Good Riddance category

JSA #49 - Another Good Riddance comic. It's a shame too because I really like the JSA, just not the comic. I agree with the majority of the reviewers on the current story line, too busy, lack of substance, hard to follow, simple solutions to complex problems, etc.

Flash # 199 - I'm enjoying the current story, but will be cutting this off after another issue.

Micronauts #8 - Not all that bad, but I needed to drop something, so after 8 issues this will be it.

Mark of Charon #4 - One day I'll get around to reading this series.

There are a few more.

From CrossGen

Route 666# 13

and there are other comics, but I am getting tired of just listing the comics I just received. I'd rather be reading them or writing a more substantive journal entry. G-night.


I stopped at Closet of Comics in College Park. I browsed for ten minutes and then got what I came in for, a couple long comic book boxes and some more backings and bags. After getting home I realized that I will need at least one and maybe two more such boxes to fit all my comics in. I also need to buy a lot more bags and backings if I am going to protect all the old comics I got from Mom and Dad's. I still haven't finished compiling the inventory of them.

I decided to volunteer to work at the Small Press Expo this year. I make it sound like I do this all the time. Seriously, I filled out an online form yesterday at the web site: and hopefully someone will call or e-mail me. I think this might be a good experience for me. Get me away from the computer for a bit and doing something interacting with people I don't know. It's just in Bethesda, so it ain't too very far to go. No hotel bill, etc to worry about.


I've just spent a good deal of time reading up on the updates from the San Diego comic convention. There were a few things that caught my interest:

DC is going to be hiring Waid & Weiringo (formerly of Marvel's Fantastic Four) to write and draw some stories for them. I can't wait to see what it is they do.

Sam Kieth is going to be doing a limited series, called Scratch, for DC. Another thing that I will have to buy.

JLA: Another Nail - maybe, maybe not

Shazam: The Monster Society of Evil - maybe, maybe not

Anyhow, now I won't have as much to plow through tomorrow. From the sounds of it the convention was mobbed and I'm not so sure that would be all that much fun. Also from what I hear there were probably as many non-harcore comic readers as there were hardcore comic readers. My source (Chuck Rozanksi) credits that to the convention committee. I think that the success of movies like Spiderman, Daredevil, Hulk, and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (as well as T3) probably has something to do with it as well.

That's about it from here. I haven't read any comics, but I did manage to catalog most of those that haven't been done yet. Hopefully I can finish up next weekend. Ditto for my personal finances.