Saturday, July 28, 2012

PunisherMax v1: #1

by Jason Aaron (writer) and Steve Dillon (artist)

Chapter 1

Punisher is a killing machine, a one man army intent on bringing down the crime families of New York City. Something has to be done to slow him down and stop him. Enter Wilson Fisk, a bodyguard who will play the role of straw man for the Punisher to focus on. That's the plan.

Intriguing premise. There's a lot of exposition in this chapter. Hopefully it will be the exception and not the rule. The ball is in motion now.

So far the most interesting character is Fisk. In the regular (616) Marvel Universe he is already a boss. At this point in this series he just aspires to be one. He is shown both on the job and at home. He is a thinking man; he is multidimensional. It is not clear at this point if Frank Castle, the Punisher, possesses both of these qualities.

Steve Dillon doesn't pull any punches with his art. What violence there is in this chapter is graphic. Is it excessive? Possibly but it helps to move the story forward and gives the reader a lens through which to view and understand the world in which Fisk and Castle operate.

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