Saturday, July 21, 2012

House of Mystery v6: #30

Safe as Houses

Chapter 5: monsters / the goblin king / baby universes / problem solved / the fix / what you need vs what you want / three guys walk into a bar by Matthew Sturges (writer), Werther Dell'edera (pencils), and José Marzán, Jr. (inks)

Fig and Tursig, individually, get themselves out of the pickles they have found themselves in. This arc is resolved in a quick and tidy manner, although there is some bloodshed involved. The reader is left to fill in much detail. This isn't a satisfactory approach to storytelling. It feels cheap and unfair. Readers deserve more.

Backup story: Lotus Blossom's Theory of Names by Matthew Sturges (writer) and Carine Brancowitz (art)

Mack, the wizard, figures but does not star in this story. It is primarily a text piece hut there are a few illustrations. It is a body-switching, revenge-type story but aside from the inclusion of Mack it is unclear how this story relates to the main story.

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