Saturday, July 7, 2012

House of Mystery v6: #28

Safe as Houses

Chapter 3: announcement 1: public / announcement 2: private / some goblin concerns / little known pitfalls of time-travel / it's "oedipus" / summerlands by Matthew Sturges (writer), Luca Rossi (pencils), and José Marzán, Jr. (inks)

Backup Story: Peace by Matthew Sturges (writer) and Phil Noto (artist)

This chapter is seductively great. It could lead one to believe that there is more to the story than there actually is. There are some great character moments. Fig makes a decision which will separate her from the other denizens of the house. She feels it is something she has to do. They don't agree. The art tells the story as much as the words they exchange do.

Possibly the key to enjoying HoM is learning not to expect too much from it. It is doubtful that it will go everywhere and explore everything that it hints at in this chapter and has hinted at in previous chapters. The images are pretty and the story inspires the imagination, which is not true of plenty of other comic books.

The backup story doesn't slouch. It merges seamlessly with the main storyline. Noto's art is a vital part of the narrative.

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