Saturday, August 4, 2012

PunisherMax v1: #2

by Jason Aaron (writer) and Steve Dillon (artist)

Chapter 2

The focus here is primarily on Wilson Fisk. His backstory is revealed and he is compared and contrasted with Frank Castle. Fisk has had it rough. His experiences have molded him. He isn't a buffoon or afraid to get dirt under his fingernails.

This feels like fresh start. Very little has been revealed about Castle. The way he lurks in the shadows makes him seem like the villain. Both men use violence very liberally but Fisk is the focal point and much more 3-dimensional than Castle.

The story continues to be graphically violent and very R-rated. Some of the most horrifically violent things don't happen on panel. The way in which Aaron and Dillon, through pictures and words inform the reader of what is happening off panel make it just as grim and gritty or possibly worse than if these things were depicted visually.

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