Saturday, July 14, 2012

House of Mystery v6: #29

Safe as Houses

Chapter 4: mindworms / rejection, rejected / it's all done with rabbits now / bodies are easy / the eternal flame thingy by Matthew Sturges (writer), Werther Dell'edera (pencils), and José Marzán, Jr. (inks)

As if this story wasn't confusing enough as is there is a drastic change in the look of the main storyline. Luca Rossi steps aside and Werther Dell'Edera takes over the penciling duties. Ideally such a change should have happened with the beginning of a new arc rather than in the midst of one. The coloring seems considerably less subtle than in previous chapters, although there is no indication that someone took over for Lee Loughridge.

Backup Story: the story about the goblin who loved babies and also there is a hunter in it by Matthew Sturges (writer) and Esao Andrews (artist)

It is pretty to look at and simple to understand but it is unclear what purpose it serves other than to fill pages. It isn't particularly compelling and doesn't provide any vital information.

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