Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Heroes Con 2011 - Part 8

Three of the many (12) pieces of art that I purchased at Heroes Con...

Jack Tenrec and Hannah Dundee by Robbi Rodriguez

Jack Tenrec & Hannah Dundee by Robbi Rodriguez - this was another pre-order; I sent the man my money and the names of the characters I wanted a month before the show but I didn't hear back from him; I was nervous about whether he had finished it because he hadn't posted it on his blog even though he had posted there a number of other commissions he had done; bottom line is he did a great job with it

Pirate Dreams by Robin Holstein

Pirate Dreams by Robin Holstein - very impressive work by an artist with whom I was previously unfamiliar; I asked for something involving a female pirate and a djinn and left the rest up to him

Exterminators #6 page 8

Exterminators #6 p8 by Tony Moore (pencils) and Ande Parks (inks) - I ran across Tony Moore's table early in the show. He had a box full of pages for sale. I rumaged through them twice before settling on this one. I'm sure the guy standing behind me, waiting his turn, for approximately 10 minutes, didn't appreciate that. *shrug* I've wanted to own a Tony Moore piece probably since I first saw his work on Walking Dead. This is my kind of page: no action, it is more like a page of meaningful interaction.

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