Wednesday, June 22, 2011

DMZ v7: #40

War Powers: Chapter Four
by Brian Wood (writer) and Ricardo Burchielli (artist)

This and the last Riccardo Burchielli-drawn arc dragged along at a slow pace. If the scenery was more appealing, which isn't so much a dig at the visuals as it is at the way the story unfolds, then it would probably make the book a more compelling read. This makes two consecutive Burchielli-drawn arcs that begin with a bang, end with a punch but fizzle in the middle.

The most frustrating part of the story is how it hints at more but does not deliver. It all feels very surface level but the implication is that there is more, subrosa. In a shorter story, a limited series of 6 or 12 issues this would be more understandable and acceptable. In a story that is this long, 60+ issues, there needs to be more skin on the bones than what has been provided as of this issue.

DMZ is published by Vertigo, an imprint of DC Comics.

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