Sunday, October 3, 2010

What I Read - Sleeper: Season Two #8

#8 Misery Loves... - Whose side is Miss Misery on? Who means more to her? Carver or Tao? This chapter provides conflicting answers. I'm left thinking I know what the correct answer is but then second guessing my initial conclusion. Ultimately I come to the conclusion that this is just issue 7 of 12 and that it is more than likely that she may betray both of them before the story is finished.

If nothing else, this chapter is all about reinforcing how twisted and sick Miss Misery can be. She kills damn near everyone (a crack dealer, an old man in a wheelchair, a cab driver, and several I/O agents) she runs into while completing a mission for Tao. The only one she shows any mercy towards is Veronica St. James, Carver's ex, and she comes close to killing her too. The fact she doesn't kill Agent St. James is telling or at least I want to think so; I want to believe that it is an impotant piece of evidence but I also harbor doubts. How she feels today may not be an indicator of how she'll feel tomorrow.

Sleeper: Season Two by Ed Brubaker and Sean Philips

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