Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What I Read: Sing Along Forever

Sing Along Forever by Liz Baillie

I really like the way Liz Baillie draws faces. I think that's what moved me to buy this comic. I stopped at her table after seeing her at a panel on "world building" at SPX. I was unfamiliar with her work so I flipped through the books on her table. Of them, this one spoke to me the most in the short time I spent looking.

Aside from the faces I also like the overall feel of the book. Her passion for the music of the Bouncing Souls and her sense of humor shine through her tale of going to see the band at a festival in 2008. It doesn't feel pretentious at all and can probably be enjoyed by most people even if they don't care for the band's music.

I was unfamiliar with the band or their music. I looked them up online, listened to some of their songs and bought a couple of them through iTunes. I would describe it as Punk with a Pop vibe.

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