Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What I Read - Sleeper: Season Two #9

#9 Deja Vu All Over Again - Call me skeptical but until I've finished this book I'm unwilling to take what I just read at face value. Even though it looks as though Miss Misery just betrayed Carver, I'm not buying it. Her actions in the previous chapter say more to me than her words. I can accept that she may have betrayed him for her own reasons, but at the moment it is being painted as if she did it out of a sense of duty to Tao. Ed Brubaker is too good a writer and Miss Misery is too egotistical for it to be that cut and dried.

The last couple chapters have on the surface been the least mind-fucky chapters so far in Season Two. I'm starting to wonder and (to a degree) hope that Brubaker is doing this on purpose; just to lull the reader into a false of security. That way, when the next twist in the tale surfaces, it will be that much more shocking. The only thing more shocking would be if there are no more twists in the tale.

The visuals are back to where I remember them being in Season One: cartoony. I'm not expert enough to tell how Philips' cartoony art in this season differs from the cartoony art in this season. My untrained eye says that they resemble one more that either one remembles the majority of the art in early chapters of this season. I'm glad the cartoony art is back but now I'm wondering why there was a temporary change in the look. Was Philips just experimenting or was there a method to the madness, a hidden message concealed in the shift?

Sleeper: Season Two by Ed Brubaker and Sean Philips

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