Saturday, October 23, 2010

What I Read - Sleeper: Season Two #11

# 11 In the Crossfire - That's some heavy shit. The ending to this chapter just blew my mind. I wanted to keep reading but past experience tells me that it is best to let it wait until next week. Better to enjoy the mind-blowing experience than to be satisfied with nothing to look forward to.

Some of my guesses were correct, about how to interpret what I read in the past couple chapters. Things weren't as cut and dried as they appeared. Miss Misery has a little too much ego to be satisified to be Tao's stool pigeon. The cover to this issue did kind of give away or at least hint at this reveal.

Now I'm left wondering about what happened at the very end of the chapter. Tao seemed very pleased, Cole did not. Its hard to say if either of the women is still breathing. Obviously, hopefully, this won't get wrapped up nice and neat with a bow on top but there needs to be some resolution, some more answers in the final chapter.

Even though I was right about who was deceiving whom I didn't forsee the ultimate events in this chapter. Brubaker kept my mind occupied with other shit such that I wasn't as concerned with how things would turn out as much as I was with guessing whether and how Brubaker was misleading his audience. That impresses me.

There was a point in each of the two seasons that I felt as if I had wasted my money. Regardless of how things turn out I feel as if I have got my money's worth. Might I change my mind after reading the final chapter? Yes, but I doubt that will happen; primarily because of how he wound up Season One.

Sleeper: Season Two by Ed Brubaker and Sean Philips

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