Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What I Read - Heathentown

Heathentown by Gabriel Hardman and Corinna Sara Bechko

I didn't love Heathentown. It is visually stunning but the story left me wanting more; more character development and a plot that flows more slowly. That's not the kind of story it is.

At its heart it is an old school horror film, of the monster/zombie/action variety. It opens with a tragedy and a mystery. As the story develops pieces start to fall in place. Eventually there is a showdown between the cops and the monsters with Anna (the main character) trapped in the middle.

I read Heathentown in less than a day, which is fast for me, given how long it is. There are no chapter breaks and I could not find any good stopping points. The pace and nature of the story made it feel like a much shorter story than the page count (96) led me to believe it would be.

The fake newspaper clippings, postcards, and photographs found in the back of the book provide hints as to the origins of some of the phenomena that Anna encounters. Not everything is fully explained but enough is put on the table to stimulate the reader's imagination to try and fill in the rest. I would prefer to have had the book open with the newspaper clippings, postcards and photos and don't feel that they reveal too much.

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