Thursday, August 30, 2012

2012 Baltimore Comic Con Panels Announced

The Baltimore Comic Con is just over a week away. The list of panels was announced on Wednesday. I'm pleased to see that there are quite a few that interest me. As usual there are a couple cases where I will have to pick and choose because I can only attend one panel at a time. Here are the ones that interest me the most.


12-1 / Room 302-303 / The British Invasion

1-2 / Room 307-310 / Spotlight on Phil LaMarr

1-2 / Room 301 / Spotlight on Paul Levitz

4-5 / Room 302-303 / The History of Censorship in Comic Books


11-12 / Room 302-303 / Tribute to Joe Kubert

11-12 / Room 301 / Future Approaches to Teaching Comics in the High School Classroom

2012 Baltimore Comic Con Panels

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