Saturday, May 5, 2012

Red Skull: Incarnate

Red Skull: Incarnate

By Greg Pak (writer) and Mirko Colak (artist)

This is the story of Johann Schmidt, the young man who will one day become the Red Skull. The five covers to the five issues in this miniseries are a bit misleading. The story follows Schmidt up to the point where he becomes Hitler's right hand man, but not his transformation into the Red Skull.

The historical context and end notes provided by Pak are a plus. They help to frame the story and illuminate the development of Schmidt. It is experience that instructs him; he is a pragmatist not an idealist. Most importantly he is a multifaceted character which makes it difficult to foresee exactly how the story will end.

For the most part the art is above average although it does vary in quality. Some of the facial expressions seem a bit overdone and out of sync with the dialogue. Some panels are devoid of backgrounds, which is not a plus.

Overall this is a very fine read, with some great moments which happen to include the ending.

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