Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Mice Templar: Destiny #5

Chapter Five: An Order Divided

by Brian JL Glass (writer), Michael Avon Oeming and Victor Santos (artists), and Veronica Gandini (colors)

For the first time since leaving the great tree and the Readers of the Wheat, Karic and Cassius encounter other mice, Templars. Though they were once Cassius' brothers they are not pleased to see him.

This is an intermediate chapter. Although the volume ends with this chapter the story does not. The chapter feels a bit rushed. As with some of the previous chapters there are two segments. The first is about their arrival in the Templar camp or community. The second is about the events that lead to Karic's acceptance of Ronan's (inevitable) challenge. Unlike the previous couple chapters that told more than one tale, in this case both stories revolve around Karic.

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