Monday, May 23, 2011

DMZ v7: #36

The Island: Chapter Two
by Brian Wood (writer) and Kristian Donaldson (artist)

The world is a very gray place. The world the DMZ exists within is no exception. Rules aren't gray, they are black and white; and yet they are needed and necessary. They can and should embody the safeguards needed to prevent society from turning on itself.

This two-part story is about what happens and what can happen when individuals selectively follow the rules. That's one perspective. Another perspective might be that it is about how one bad apple, in charge, exercising poor judgement can turn an ideal situation into a nightmare, peace into war.

Leaders have to be held to a higher standard. They deserve some consideration in exchange for the demands put upon them but they should not be revered or respected to an extreme extent. They are human and if they cross the line then they may need to be relieved of command, one way or another.

This two-parter isn't perfect. It ends a bit abruptly but I like it, probably because of the prominent way the military figures into the story and the way that it is portrayed.

DMZ is published by Vertigo, an imprint of DC Comics.

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