Monday, May 16, 2011

CGSSS 2011:2c

Comic Geek Speak Super Show 2011
Apr 30 & May 1
Reading, PA

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Part 2c - Pluses, Minuses, Observations

I would like to be able to say that everything went smooth as butter at Super Show, but it didn't. Please keep in mind that this is my opinion. I don't pretend to speak for the majority of attendees.


- the show was bigger, there were more creators present than there was in 2010

- my overall feeling was that the show was much more professionally run than in 2010

- meeting podcasters, artists, and people from the comic forums and 11 O'clock Comics forums

- the sketch-off panel, even though I wasn't sitting close enough to the front to see all the sketches clearly

- going to Third & Spruce on Friday night

- the original art I purchased, the quality was much higher than I thought it would be and the cost was much lower than I thought it would be

- food at the show, specifically the hot dogs and sausages, just what I needed at just very reasonable prices

- breakfast at Take Two Bagels on Saturday morning; two bagels toasted with butter and a pint of juice for $5

- selling some of my old duplicate trading cards to Raph Soohoo

- Shoefly Pie @ the Dutchy Digest Booth


- the men's bathroom closest to the show floor got flooded when a pipe started leaking. This makes two years in a row that there have been problems with the men's room.

- staying late at Third & Spruce on Saturday night; the karaoke and live bands weren't as fun and exciting as I hoped they would be

- Take Two Bagels was closed on Sunday morning due to "vandalism" so I had breakfast at the Days Inn on Sunday morning; it was a serviceable meal but not a good one

- the smell near the Days Inn, and in the area surrounding the exit off route 222

- the one artist who promised me a head sketch but didn't deliver; I e-mailed him before the show but I didn't hear back from him; when I stopped by his table on Saturday he said that he never got the e-mail but that he would do it for me; I returned on Sunday afternoon but he hadn't got around to it and it was too late for him to get it done; he suggested that I e-mail him and he would do it and send it to me, I thought about making a sarcastic comment but instead just smiled, thanked him and walked away


- there were more creators than last year but it is unclear whether there were more attendees or what level of business was transacted, sales-wise and also what the mix was of sales (books, art, other)

- the Tim (Truman) and Tony (Moore) panel wasn't as well attended as I thought it would be, certainly not as well attended as the Meet the Simonsons panel last year

- the panel room was easy to miss, I had to ask someone where it was, there were signs but they didn't really stand out

OK, that's it. Loved the show, had lots of fun, can't wait for the 2012 edition but in the meanwhile I'm gonna focus my time on reading comics and other shows/conventions.

Next show: Heroes Con (Jun 3-5)

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