Friday, August 20, 2010

What I Read - Sleeper: Season Two #2

#2: Faith, Hope & Charity - I'm still not wowed by the artwork. It seems uneven and unlike what I remember from Season One. Its probably unfair of me (on some level) to judge Philips art work by comparing it to the previous season (even though he drew that one too) but that's what I'm doing.

The story hasn't completely won me over yet but I am intrigued. Brubaker and Philps are slowly putting the pieces together. If it is anything like Season One then it won't be be until at least the halfway point before things start to make sense and seem less confusing.

All three of the primary male characters (Carver, Tao, Lynch) are fascinating in their own right. Its a real mindfuck trying to get into their heads and figure how and why they approach things the way they do. They are definitely complex characters, which probably is the reason that they are so hard to get a bead on. Brubaker has really done a great job with these three, both in creating them and in the way he slowly reveals them one layer at a time.

Sleeper: Season Two by Ed Brubaker and Sean Philips

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