Tuesday, March 22, 2011

House of Mystery v3: #13

Change of pace. The ongoing story of Fig and the other residents of the House of Mystery takes a break and, for the first time, doesn't make an appearance. Instead three short stories fill this regular-sized issue.

The Thirteenth Hour by Matthew Sturges (writer), Ralph Reese (artist), and Lee Loughridge (colors) - Before Eric can propose to Misaki there's something he needs to show her, something horrific.

The Lace Anniversary by Bill Willingham (writer), and Eric Powell (artist) - While looking for an anniversary gift for his wife
Shopping on 13th street

13th Time's The Charm by Chris Roberson (writer), Neal Adams (artist), and Lee Loughridge (colors) - After touching a mysterious, glowing orb a man and a woman destinies become intertwined.

The first two stories were proper horror stories with gruesome endings. The third one was not and seemed out of place in this issue.

House of Mystery is published by Vertigo, an imprint of DC Comics

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