Friday, July 3, 2009

What I Wanna Read

Just for my own reference, and because I am thinking about it and have the time right now, here are some trades/series that I would like to read and have heard good things about but have yet to dive into:

Ongoing Series

DC Comics
  • Booster Gold - link - time travel, need I say more? - where to begin? 52-Pickup
  • Secret Six - link - it just sounds cool, ok? where to begin? Villains United

Marvel Comics

  • Captain America - link - Ed Brubaker's run of course; I read the first two trades some time ago but dropped it not realizing how big the story was going to get; should give it another try; where to begin? Captain America Omnibus

  • Scalped - link - where to begin? Indian Country
  • Ex Machina - link - I thought Y: The Last Man was great so why not give Brian K another try? where to begin? The First Hundred Days
  • Fables - link - sounds like can't miss comics; where to begin? Legends in Exile

There may be others series that aren't coming to mind right now. I also have a list of limited series or runs within (and across) ongoing series but I'll get to those later. That's it for now.

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