Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Dark Knight Rises

I finally got around to watching the third movie in Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy. I am not a big fan of the first two films. They are too long and complicated to satisfy my tastes. This one was no different in those respects.

I watched it over three consecutive nights. I watched 40 minutes the first night, 40 minutes the second night, and the remaining 85 minutes on the third night. I liked what I saw on the first night but after the second night I wasn't as optimistic about what my overall judgement if the would be. The third night confirmed my feelings from the second.

The best thing in the movie was Anne Hathaway. I thought she did a great job in the role of Selina Kyle, I don't remember them referring to her as Catwoman at any point in the movie. Both as adversary and then ally of Bruce Wayne and Batman she added something to every scene she was in.

The only other thing that I really liked about the movie were the little moments that occurred here and there. Some of them were nods to the comic book history of Batman, others were character moments that helped to flesh out the people and relationships that existed on the story.

My biggest problem with the movie is that it doesn't feel like a Batman or superhero story to me. What it feels like is an action/adventure story. The main character is named Batman but it feels like a story that wasn't written with the Batman in mind. It doesn't feel like an Elseworlds story where the writer takes an existing character of situation and changes them or the situation they are in somehow. Rather it feels like they slapped Batman's name on a story that wasn't written with him in mind. He doesn't remind me of the Batman that I grew up reading or the one from the cartoons or the Tim Burton films.

Quite often the action scenes felt very generic. Batman, Bane, Selina Kyle, etc. (characters I am familiar with from the comic books) were in them but it felt as if they could have been be easily swapped out for some other no-name action story archetypes with out missing a beat or changing anything.

I really wanted to enjoy this movie more than I did.

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