Saturday, June 9, 2012

Scalped v2: #10

Casino Boogie
by Jason Aaron (writer) and R.M. Guéra (artist)

Chapter 5: My Ambitionz Az a Ridah

It is still opening night for the Crazy Horse Casino. Dino Poor Bear, another character who hasn't been seen much up until now, is the spotlight character. He provides a running commentary of his day, of how shitty his life is, of how much he wants to leave the "rez" and everything he knows behind.

Truly depressing is the best way to sum up this chapter. Dino doesn't seem like a bad person but the fact that he is the focus of this chapter implies that he is going to play an important role down the line. It is impossible to predict what he will do do. His encounter with Red Crow may be a red herring or it may be foreshadowing. Either way it unlikely that discerning readers from priviledged backgrounds will feel upbeat after reading this chapter.

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