Thursday, June 21, 2012

JSA: Classified #1-4

Power Trip
by Geoff Johns (writer), Amanda Conner (penciler), and Jimmy Palmiotti (inker)

While Power Girl wonders about her past someone seems to be messing with her mind.

There's an interesting idea behind this story but in the end the comic delivers only a suggestion of what it could and probably should have been. I do like the references to Crisis on Infinite Earths but in the end that felt like fan service because the story doesn't deliver with any sort of closure. Instead there is a note telling readers to look for Infinite Crisis #2.

I like Amanda Conner's pencils but with the exception of the 3rd issue (and early parts of the 4th issue) the art looks a bit muddied. I'm not sure who is to blame but I don't think it is the penciler.

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