Friday, July 30, 2010

What I Read - Jul 29, 2010

Ikigami vol 4: episode 7 - Each collection of Ikigami tells two stories. They are told consecutively, not concurrently. The subject of the first story in this collection is a teacher who was put on administrative leave after being framed by one of his students. His life has fallen apart since the incident. Receiving notice that he is about to die doesn't improve his state of mind and leads to him taking some rather drastic measures in an attempt to set things right.

This series has a lot of potential which I feel that it doesn't always live up to. One of the pitfalls of telling each story in three acts is that there is a limited amount of space that can be devoted to developing the characters. Sometimes there is enough character development to satisfy me and other times there isn't. Episode 7 falls into the latter category. I wanted to like it more but it felt a bit too rushed; I had a hard time buying into how the two main characters, the teacher and the student changed over the course of the story.

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