Sunday, March 21, 2010

What I Bought - Mar 20, 2010

Yesterday I returned to Barbarian. I was looking for a couple things (Sleeper: Season Two; Daredevil : Return of the King) that they didn't have in stock but that they said they would order for me. Both were written by Ed Brubaker. I'm much more interested in the second installment of Sleeper.

I want the Daredevil because it is the final installment of Brubaker's run on the book. The first couple arcs were good and had me wanting more. Not so much with the later ones, in particular Lady Bullseye. Wasn't godawful, just not as complete as the previous ones. Also it feels like Brubaker is bound to leave things hanging at the end of his run. I know a little bit about where the story winds up, from the podcasts I listen to, but not exactly how the story is going to get there.

I bought 20th Century Boys v7 and The Moth. The latter book is a collection that I've had my eye on since I first saw the individual issues when they first came out, probably 5 years ago, at what was then Closet of Comics. Yesterday, I was looking for something more or less self-contained. This seemed to fit the bill and was reasonably priced. I love the look of the artwork and the premise seems kind of wacky in a way that appeals to me. Hopefully it will up to my modest expectations.

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