Saturday, August 8, 2009

What I Read - Watchmen

Watchmen - link - Don't think I've blogged about Watchmen before. I started reading it a few weeks ago. I'm reading a chapter a week. I'm up to chapter 4. Its my first time reading it and so far I think its great. I love how there is a big story and then each issue seems to be its own story and even have stories within the story for that issue.

What struck me today is how fast I read the first three chapters. I've been taking it with me to the laundromat. While my clothes are in the washer and then the dryer I would read the comic book pages. I've been reading the prose pages later the same day.

As I indicated I love the story and the artwork, too. I'm starting to feel as if I am rushing myself through the comic book pages. I should be savoring it more. To that end I only read the first half of chapter 4 at the laundromat. I'll probably finish it later today and maybe read the prose section tomorrow.

Reading a story too quickly, whether prose or comic book, does an injustice to the writer/artist. In my book it is comparable to gulping down fine cuisine. Both should be savored. Even if I can't appreciate it all at first glance I believe that by reading it slowly, re-reading it, and spending time thinking about what I've read before moving on to the next chapter I believe that I will gain greater insight and appreciation.

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