Wednesday, May 14, 2008

See Doom Surf


Fantastic Four
# 56 - This is all kinds of awesome. Doctor Doom meets the Silver Surfer and then steals his powers and his board! There's a great splash page with Doom looming over the fallen Surfer that is beautiful beyond words. The scenes set in Doom's castle in Latveria are the best parts of the issue. Doom pretending to be a good guy? Very tongue-in-cheek.

It isn't all Doom and Surfer. Reed, Sue, and Ben also appear in this issue; appearances which include a couple skirmishes with the Sandman. Loved the second fight, especially how it is

Johnny Storm and Wyatt Wingfoot continue their travels with Lockjaw. A dog with a Fu Manchu mustache? How awesome is that? Certainly more awesome that their voyages. I miss Prester John from # 54.

The Inhumans? Still trapped. Their saga drags on. Enough is enough. They need to free themselves.

Definitely my favorite issue collected in Marvel Masterworks: Fantastic Four v6, probably better than the first appearance of Galactus or any of the other issues collected in v5, which I have also read.

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