Saturday, November 19, 2011

Powers v13: #5

Z: Part 5 by Brian Michael Bendis (writer) and Michael Avon Oeming (artist) - The big picture is still murky but the little ones are crystal clear, and beautiful. It hurts to look at them, dwell on them, but they are worth the pain.

Boiled down, this segment is all about Walker's relationship with his girlfriend, Heather. There's more to than that, but that's the centerpiece, the bone to which the muscle is attached. Christian and Heather aren't together, instead they each get the spotlight for a time. He is despondent over not being near her, or maybe it is something more than that. She also hurts and in doing so reveals more than just her pain.

Oeming does a masterful job with the visual part of the story. Did there really need to be that many splash pages? Maybe not, but they all work.

There's a brief flashback to the 1950s which follows up on the flashback in the previous installment of this arc. In addition to providing background it also provides Oeming with an opportunity to imitate a famous 20th century painting.

The story continues to come together but some of it is still out of focus. With just one more installment to go in this arc it seems as if Bendis and Oeming may be doing more than just putting on the finishing touches. It seems as if they are sowing seeds whose fruit will be harvested in future arcs.

Powers is a creator-owned series published through the Icon imprint of Marvel Comics

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