Saturday, October 22, 2011

Powers v13: #1

Z: Part 1 by Brian Michael Bendis (writer) and Michael Avon Oeming (artist) - Although it starts with a chase scene (excitement! right?) the opening segment of the 13th collection of Powers fizzles a bit. The lights have been flipped on but they are flickering a bit. It's a slow start. Hopefully the pace and intensity of the story will pick up as more information is dropped into place.

Is the reader supposed to sympathize with Walker in the flashback sequence? Doubtful. Bendis and Oeming are probably just messing around, casting Walker in a negative light so that later he will seem to shine that much brighter. Even in the present he acts fairly aloof. The best character moments involve a couple of unnamed cops arguing over what they ate for lunch. Walker maybe in the spotlight, Pilgrim is mentioned but nowhere to be found, but he doesn't act or seem like he deserves it.

Not withstanding Walker's attitude, the flashback sequence is cool; a rare look into the past of the world that Powers takes place. Set in the post-WWII era Walker and company, of which the arc's titular character Z is the leader, do as they please. They see themselves as better than those around them and act accordingly. They aren't cops, the law probably considers them to be robbers, but they see themselves as being something else: Robin Hood and his merry men.

Powers is a creator-owned series published through the Icon imprint of Marvel Comics

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