Saturday, July 30, 2011

House of Mystery v4: #20

The Beauty of Decay: Part Five: Elegies by Matthew Sturges (writer), Luca Rossi (penciler), José Marzán, Jr. (inker), and Lee Loughridge (colors) - Once again, the ending to an arc is not conclusive. Rather than close the door on what has come before the final chapter just seems to open new ones. A new status quo is established on the final pages with little in the way of explanation of how or why it came to pass.

This sort of storytelling defies logical analysis. It meanders here and there without presenting a clear path. Possibly, a bird's eye view of the story so far might reveal some pattern or method to the madness that is the House of Mystery. Things happen; there are consequences to actions but new elements are regularly introduced and old ones often reveal themselves to be more than they previously seemed to be. As previously noted these characteristics could be a drawback but Sturges, Rossi, and company continue to make HoM an entertaining read.

Spellbound by Matthew Sturges (writer) and Michael William Kaluta (artist) - This seems to be a story of and by Peter, Fig's father.

House of Mystery is published by Vertigo, an imprint of DC Comics

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