Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Human Target #14,15,16

The Second Coming
By Peter Milligan and Cliff Chiang

Part One: In the Name of the Father

Due to the complex way in which the story unfolds it helps to read this issue more than once. It unfolds at a choppy pace and is fairly character heavy.

Part Two: The Temptation of Christopher Chance

As much as I am enjoying some of the twists in this tale of the Human Target they are also tough to accept at times. It is tough to believe that none of the people he is dealing with can see through his disguise, including the father of the man (Paul James) he is pretending to be. Are there no faults in his disguise? The mask he's wearing can't be that good, can it? Even if he looks just like Paul James how is it possible that he also sounds just like him? In some ways it would be even easier to accept all this if he was a superhero.

Part Three: Pieces of Lead

This 3-parter is a bit of a hot mess. The pieces are all there but in the end they don't fit together. The characters don't seem real. It just all seems very trite, as if Milligan hasn't put enough time or effort into the story.

Cover Images: Human Target #14, 15, 16

Human Target was published by Vertigo, an imprint of DC Comics.

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