Saturday, June 26, 2010

What I Read - Jun 17, 2010

House of Mystery v1 - I really like the opening collection of the new House of Mystery. I like the art and it isn't just one art team working on this book. Similar to the old House of Mystery series from the 1970's this is an anthology of tales of the supernatural, fantastic, and horrific. The basis for the series is the eponymous House of Mystery where the tellers of the tales reside. The House is located somwhere lost in space and time. The beings (some human, some not) that reside there spend their time drinking and telling stories. None of them know exactly how they got there, how to get back from where and when they came, or how to leave.

The main story of the House and the beings that dwell there begins with the story of its newest inhabitant, Fig. Running from a mysterious couple known as the Conception, the young woman known as Fig steps through a door and finds herself in the House. Like most of its inhabitants she wants but is unable to leave; unlike them she feels a kinship to the House. She claims to know it. All is not revealed in this collection but it certainly whetted my appetite.This back story makes the book more than just an anthology; its dual nature really appeals to me.

I'm not a big fan of horror movies but I do enjoy some horror comics. These are more than just horror stories. Some of the themes and images are grotesque but they are story elements and seem to have been woven into the stories for more than just shock value. There is also a fair bit of humor, although it sometimes (but not always) can be more specifically identified as either gallows or black humor.

I like all the artwork. I really like the radical changes in style and color pallette when the scene shifts from the House to a tale being told by one of its denizens. All in all this is a great book, although probably not everyone's cuppa. If you like stories like Grimm's Fairy Tales or even the old EC horror comics then I recommend you give this collection a try.

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