Friday, June 6, 2008

recent reading

Fruits Basket v1 - Finished it for the second time. This time I want more. Gonna have to buy v2.

Nextwave v1 - Read chapters 1 - 4. I bought the first issue when it came out a couple years ago. I liked it and resolved to buy the trade. Rereading chapter 1 for the second time I was similarly impressed. It showed a lot of potential (once again) and I was primed to enjoy the next five chapters. Unfortunately I was not similarly impressed by chapters 2 and 3. They did not leave a favorable impression on me. Chapter 4 was great and restored my faith in this series. After chapter 3 I was seriously thinking that I would not buy v2: the series is just two volumes, 12 issues. I can see now that chapter 3 was a set up for chapter 4. Two more chapters to go and once again I have high hopes which hopefully won't get smashed.

So what did I like about ch 4?

*** SPOILERS ***
  • Elsa Bloodstone screaming at the Captain (p. 3)
  • the Captain's origin (pp. 5-7)
  • Aaron's telescopic eye, Tabitha's comment on it, and what she does to it (pp. 13-14)
  • how first Tabitha and then Aaron react to the discovery that Mangel is a cop (p. 19-20)
  • Monica misunderstanding the intentions of the citizens who offer to "look after" of Officer Mangel (p. 21)
  • lots of humor throughout, which I felt was sorely missing in chapters 2 & 3

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